This TikToker’s Dollar Tree Hacks Level Up Her Bathroom Organization

published May 1, 2023
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Credit: Carina Romano

Considering the bathroom is the place in your home where you begin and end each day, it’s nice to have a space that feels like a sanctuary. The only problem, though, is that bathrooms tend to be the place where you’ll use a lot of products. From haircare to skincare and all of the personal hygiene categories in between, the packaging on these items can contribute to a significant amount of visual clutter

To streamline the aesthetic of her bathroom products, TikToker @homegoodiys took a trip to Dollar Tree and shared her budget-friendly finds with her followers. In this video, she finds empty containers and decants her existing products into them, as well as removes the labels from existing hand soap and lotion bottles and adds her own. For all the bottles, she applied these clean and modern labels from Amazon to give the products a consistent look. The result is a super-organized bathroom that feels like it’s stocked with amenities from a luxury hotel.

The video has received 1.7 million views, with comments like “Best Dollar Tree video I’ve ever seen,” and, “I was about to order these exact items on Amazon *runs to Dollar Tree*.” After watching the video a few times, the overall takeaway is to strategically shop for plain containers that are devoid of any design — and to think outside of the box because you don’t necessarily have to use specific items in the way they were intended. 

For example, to level up her mouthwash packaging, the TikToker transferred it into a clear glass bottle with a metal clasp lid that’s commonly used for storing oil and vinegar. She applied one of the Amazon labels to the front and then placed the bottle of mouthwash on a tray with flowers and small disposable cups, turning a normally humdrum product into a stylish counter display. Likewise, she added pump dispensers to clear plastic bottles, which she poured shampoo and conditioner into, making them look more like swanky products.

Another unconventional idea she had was to take clear plastic stackable drawers and remove the drawers from the inside. She then attached the hollow outer portion of the containers to the inside of her bathroom vanity door with Command strips and placed a variety of face sheet masks in each container. Out of sight and easy to see what products you have — ingenious!

While most of the hacks involved utilizing containers without any existing labels, the video also shows how to elevate bottles of Dollar Tree hand soap and lotion simply by peeling off the existing labels and removing any leftover residue with Goo Gone. The key to this hack is to find products in dark amber bottles so that when you apply the white Amazon labels, they look very similar to the trendy bottles of hand soap and hand balm made by Aesop. 

To elevate her drawer storage, she lined the bottom of clear plastic drawer dividers with marble shelf liners. She placed two of the dividers into one drawer and used each compartment to store smaller items like bobby pins, tweezers, hair clips, and chapstick. Because the shelf liner has a non-slip surface, it prevents these products from rolling around in the dividers and keeps them securely in place, all while looking incredibly chic, too.

The video concludes by telling viewers to stay tuned for more. With hacks as good as these, which offer stylish bathroom storage solutions at incredibly affordable prices, I, for one, can’t wait to see what else she finds.