10 Tiny House Bathrooms That Are Small But Stylish

published Nov 28, 2018
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(Image credit: Carina Romano)

Teeny bathrooms in tiny homes can be big on smart ideas for small spaces. The 10 bathrooms below are chock full of prime examples. Find smart and stylish ideas to steal for your bathroom of any size.

(Image credit: Aimée Mazzenga)

This tiny (and practically perfect) modern shed in California has so many beautiful elements to be inspired by. From the organic materials palette to the custom dividing wall in the living room, this home is completely livable and totally lovely. And the teeny, tiny bathroom isn’t too shabby, either. Nearly all white, it’s a clean, minimal space that feels larger than it is, and features smart storage ideas that are compact and versatile.

(Image credit: Taylor Stauffer)
(Image credit: Taylor Stauffer)

Augustine the Airstream clearly has style for miles, and the couple who lives in it has made sure every square inch of the small space is considered, the bathroom included. Though the room is barely large enough to turn around in, each element in it was carefully selected to be the right proportion to the tiny footprint, allowing for plenty of bathroom comforts. And while an all-white space can make a small bathroom feel larger, sometimes a bold splash of color is needed, too.

The bathroom setup in this teeny, tiny prison bus conversation is not for me. And honestly, it’s probably not for everyone. The toilet’s inside the nightstand, and the bathtub is basically a box. The couple created a bathroom setup that works for them. They don’t mind a little less privacy if that means they get the open layout they want. The important takeaway here is: Design a home and bathroom that works just for how you need it to.

(Image credit: Julie Pointer Adams)

Julie Pointer Adams, a photographer, stylist and the former community director for Kinfolk magazine, shared this tiny 200-square-foot studio apartment in the Santa Barbara hills with her husband. Though not technically a tiny house, there’s no doubt this is a super small home. And their super small bathroom to match also shows how organic materials—as well as some plants—can help a teeny bathroom feel fresh.

(Image credit: Cathy Pyle)

Located on the basement level, Laurie Penny’s home isn’t technically a tiny house either… but it is tiny. At just 370 square feet, her studio apartment features a ton of smart small-space storage solution ideas. And her petite bathroom—no window, smaller than a closet—is a great example of how to make do with what you have. An added shelf above the toilet, an added compact medicine cabinet above that, and a toilet paper roll holder installed in the only available spot—don’t let square footage limitations get in the way of enjoying your small bathroom.

(Image credit: Michael Fuehrer)

This tiny house bus built by hand is only 190 square feet, but its teeny bathroom is minimal, streamlined, and more than comfortable. Simple fixtures are kept to just what’s needed, and the toilet and shower share the same space. The simple color palette lends to an uncluttered feel. And smart, custom double doors allow for privacy.

(Image credit: Sam Binger)

At 304 square feet, Samantha and Brendan Binger’s first RV remodel was positively roomy compared to some of the other tiny homes on this list. But their mobile home still featured a smart small-space solution for a bathroom: Remember that not everything bathroom-related has to be in it. Sure, a shower and toilet are usually behind closed doors, but does your vanity have to be? A sink? You can prevent a home from feeling too claustrophobic by getting creative with your floor plan arrangement.

(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

The prevalence of smaller homes has created a demand for smaller bathroom fixtures, which means there is a large variety of products available that won’t just fit in your small bathroom, but will also be an elegant addition. This bathroom faucet in a tiny vintage Airstream—notice how it’s placed to the side to deal with the small space—is from Kingston Brass.

(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)
(Image credit: Selena Kirchhoff)

This school bus conversion features a smartly dividing bathroom and shower space, as well as warm wood elements that make a tiny room feel cozy. But another clever idea came from the “door” of the toilet room: It’s an affordable IKEA curtain panel that offer visual division without taking up a lot of room from a swinging door.

(Image credit: Carina Romano)

Speaking of IKEA, this extremely livable, custom tiny house features a bathroom that showcases just how convenient and affordable IKEA’s small-space bathroom fixtures can be.