This Former Mining Bus Is Now a Tiny Home on Wheels

published Jun 28, 2019
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Who could’ve predicted that living in a bus would be considered #homegoals? Well, when you get a tour of Buster, a former mining company bus-turned-decked out home, it’s not difficult to envision yourself setting up shop inside of a repurposed vehicle.

Another one of Paved to Pines’ projects, Buster is one of those conversions that elicits an instant chorus of “oohs and aahhs,” and “When can I move in?” Designed for a retired accountant who wants to live the road life, the custom off-grid home sleeps five and comes with some majorly stylish accommodations.

Where there was once several rows of seats, there’s now a sleek, fully customized kitchen with plenty of countertop space and household appliances, including a mounted microwave. There’s also a farmhouse sink with black fixture and bold-colored cabinetry and overhead storage space that pair beautifully with the wooden interior. Custom lighting and sconces run throughout the bus, accentuating its modern aesthetic.

We’ve established the comfy area in which the tenants can prep meals and eat, and the sleeping arrangements don’t disappoint either. Buster invites guests to lounge and snooze in one of a few sleeping areas: a large fold-out bed just behind the driver’s seat, a twin Murphy bed located just past the kitchen and a double-sized bed flanked by a set of windows near the back.

For maximum comfort, cleanliness and convenience, Buster is also equipped with an off-the-grid composting toilet, a washer/dryer combo plus a full standup shower. The conversion also provides instant hot water and is outfitted with a 100-gallon water tank, a 300 amp/hour battery bank and 400 watts of solar power.

Interestingly enough, Buster’s journey won’t end with its transition from mining bus to off-the-grid house.  After its owner puts some mileage on his renovated home (a trip that could last anywhere from 1-2 years), Buster will head to yet another gig: British Columbia’s Fernie Alpine Ski Resort, where it will remain parked full-time “for the ultimate family and friend ski lodge experience.”