Peek Inside This Minimal 194 Square-Foot Shipping Container House

published Aug 21, 2019
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Credit: Ruy Teixeira
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A shipping container home that aims to seamlessly integrate itself into its natural surroundings while demonstrating its ability to be a fully functional residence can be found in architect Marília Pellegrini’s Casa Container.

Located in São Paolo, Brazil, the 194-square foot show home is comprised of a pair of shipping containers. It is intended to serve as an example of the complementary union of sustainability and contemporary design.

Of her vision for the home, Pellegrini says, “The mission was to prove possible the building of a contemporary house with minimalist and impeccable finish so that the container itself and all its industrial and corrugated structure would be imperceptible to one’s eyes.”

The structure’s exterior is wrapped in all-white Dekton, which is made of a resin and stone mixture that is highly resistant to UV rays, stains and scratches also was also intended to give the home “evenness,” while “enlightening the sense of space.” The Dekton also covers the walls, flooring and the interior surfaces.

The front façade features large glazed walls and doors that open onto a landscaped patio by Studio Clariça Lima that boasts a self-irrigating hydroponic garden and a bamboo garden, a structural detail that helps to eliminate the boundary. The house also has a living area, bedroom and dining area, the latter of which serves as a source of cross ventilation along with the back windows near the en suite bathroom and the front façade.

The decor also matches the minimalist nature of the home. A gray sofa by São Paulo Estudiobola accentuates the living area. The cabinetry and most of the other furniture are also white, while some accessories and the bathroom countertop are made of a light-colored wood.

Pellegrini recently displayed Casa Container at Casacor, São Paolo’s annual architecture exhibition.