Don’t Believe a Spa Can Fit in a Tiny Apartment? Think Again

published Jul 21, 2018
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More and more, it’s becoming increasingly normal to hear stories of people learning to acclimate themselves to living in seriously small apartments. Cities are practically bursting at the seams so for many metropolitan dwellers, creatively maximizing a small living space has quickly become a modern-day survival tactic.

Fortunately, more than enough designers are trying to get ahead of the numerous issues that come with expansion, and Sieger Design’s Small Size Premium Spa – or SSPS – a pared-down haven for rest and relaxation that neatly fits into compact spaces.

“More and more people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space and rising apartment prices. But at the same time, there’s increasing demand for enhanced quality of life,” Sieger Design’s co-founder Michael Sieger tells Dezeen.

Just because you live in a tiny spot doesn’t mean skimping on the fancy (or basic) bathroom amenities is a given. The Small Size Premium Spa makes it so. A glass partition splits the 35-square-foot spa into a wet and dry zone. The design includes a vertical and horizontal shower, which eliminates the need for a bathtub. However, the layout allows for a bathtub installation if the user wants one, and an extra perk is that it also doubles as a seat when not in use.

On the opposite side, there’s the dry area which houses a shower toilet for convenience, a double sink with an extendible sprinkler head, a tube that allows the user to hit specific areas with water, and an integrated control panel in either the mirror or cabinet front that allows the user to activate specific components via an accompanying app, yet another perk of this tiny yet luxurious space. LED lighting gives the space a suitable spa ambience.

The apartment version of the spa measures approximately 64 square feet, but Sieger Design also developed a more spacious spa for hotels, which is just shy of 86 square feet.