This Tiny House on a Truck Looks Like It’s Straight Out of Harry Potter

published Oct 8, 2018
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(Image credit: @saraunderwood)

At first glance, Jacob Witzling’s tiny truck cabin makes you think of what the Weasley’s wonky home (aka the ever-chaotic Burrow) would look like if the wizards shrunk their family residence, then hauled it around on the back of an old pickup. (Honestly, Witzling’s tiny design still looks that way after staring at it for a bit longer.)

With only 20 square feet of living space, this mini mobile version of the magical home owes its eye-catching appearance to the bent and curved roof and sides. A second grade teacher with a background in cabin building, Witzling incorporated this method into the design in order to reduce wind resistance while perched in the bed of his (moving) 1979 F-250 pickup. And as you can probably guess, the roof, siding, interior walls, and trim were crafted from wood—reused wood, to be exact.

So what sparked the idea for his whimsical, nomadic dwelling? Witzling tells DesignBoom it all started with his love of “forts and Ewoks:”

“I always wanted to live in a cool-looking fairy tale house. I wanted to live like a hobbit. I had a really cool book about the handmade house movement that occurred in the ’70s. It was called, Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher’s Art. I read that as a kid and imagined living in one of those houses myself someday.”

With the tiny wood-clad structure, Witzling seems to have constructed his dream home—but he has even bigger plans for the future. With the help of his life partner and truck cabin collaborator Sara Underwood, the builder is in the process of creating “Cabinland” in the Pacific Northwest, where a set of distinctly design cabins will be available for rent.