Life, After You Move In Together: What It’s Like to SHARE a Studio

published Oct 24, 2016
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(Image credit: Rory Rockmore)

890 square feet isn’t exactly tiny, but with the lack of walls or doors, this high-rise jungle paradise in downtown LA has the potential to be a too-small leopard-print jail cell when two people share this space.

Chris and Rory’s home is definitely giving off studio apartment vibes and is PACKED with personality, color, pattern and clothes. So how do two people with big personalities fit into a one-room home? Rory graciously shares secrets and snapshots of his life in his shared vibrant urban jungle LA paradise.

Is this the first time you’ve shared a space where you can see the other person at all times?

This IS the first time but I think it’s big enough and the way we have it arranged it’s not hard to get a little space when we need it.

How do you settle your co-habitating disagreements?

I win and then Chris retaliates and wears my clothes while I’m away. We’re both only children.

Does your boyfriend share your taste? Is it hard to combine styles?

We don’t share the same taste in home furnishings — I think I’m a little more kitsch and Chris definitely prefers a little more minimal. One thing for certain we can agree on is pink.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Any design deal-breakers?

I mean for me, leopard print will be a deal breaker but I feel like we’re both pretty lax in this department. We avoided most of the decorating drama because Chris moved in after I’d already set up and lived in this space for over a year. There was no West Elm meltdown over which throw pillows were the right shade of ROSE.

When we move out of this place into something new to both of us, I’ll have to hit you back on this.

“There was no West Elm meltdown over which throw pillows were the right shade of ROSE.”

You mentioned you moved to LA for the pursuit of more closet space…has having someone share your closet cramp your style?

Even split, we still have more closet space than we ever had in New York. Once Chris moved in, I had to venture into the formerly unknown vortex of “Storage Solutions”. I cleared out half of the closet but found solace in some storage systems like cubes, bins, and this way overpriced but absolutely gorge mint green aluminum trunk from CB2 — it’s kind of like Mary Poppins’ bag, I keep stuffing shit in it and it never seems to be full.

Chris isn’t really a board folder BUT he’s very neat and does match up the socks, so for that I’m grateful.

How’s the morning routine/getting ready for work situation when there are no doors you can shut?

I’m an early bird and Chris can sleep til dinner but mornings are pretty chill. We actually cook and sit down to breakfast almost every morning — it’s really a great way to start the day with all the windows in this place.

The only real issue is mirror sharing. Although we have plenty of mirrors throughout the house, we both pretend the bathroom mirror is the one and only and because of that there’s a lot of shoving and eye rolling.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Do you guys work together to control the influx of “stuff” into the house…or is one person sneaking stuff in or out when the other isn’t looking?

I think I might take the lead in this department — mostly trying to control my own intake of clothing and Chris’ intake of beauty products. Chris secretly hoards copious amounts of beauty products and fragrances. But he shares so please don’t take this as a complaint.

“At the end of the day whatever issue you’re having design-wise can be solved with a can of paint and a throw pillow, so don’t go to bed angry over it.”

What advice do you have to anyone considering moving into and designing a small space that they’ll be sharing with someone else?

Let each other live. One of the best things about designing a space is that it never has to be finished. If one of you wants it set up one way — do it. And if in a few months you’re still unsure, rearrange. The world is your oyster, babe. At the end of the day whatever issue you’re having design-wise can be solved with a can of paint and a throw pillow, so don’t go to bed angry over it.

It’s also important to create a layout which allows you to both be home but not always in each others line of vision. If that doesn’t work — get separate friends so you aren’t always up the other one’s ass.

(Image credit: Rory Rockmore)

What’s the best thing about sharing this home with your boyfriend?

We take weekending very seriously. [See photo above.]

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

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