This Is the Most Popular Cleaning Product That Readers Bought This Year

published Dec 22, 2023
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Person washing dishes at a kitchen sink
Credit: Photo: Sidney Bensimon; Prop Styling: Anna Surbatovich

Cleaning is a constant in everyday life. There seems to always be something to straighten up, wash, or scrub. It doesn’t matter if you put on rubber gloves and went to town on your home yesterday — by tomorrow, something will likely have to be de-smudged. Phew, exhausting! That’s why finding the right tools or figuring out the best hacks can be so satisfying: They make this constant feel like it’s under control. And if there was one tool that really made our collective efforts worthwhile, it was the Scotch-Brite Dishwand. 

I’ll be honest: When we covered the dish brush back in June as an item that could pull double duty in the bathroom, I immediately put it in my cart. “I like it because of its simple aesthetic and handy soap-dispensing button,” writer Jordan Souza said. “The firm yet bendy bristles get in between small tiles and scrub better than the average sponge. Plus, at under $7, it’s inexpensive enough to keep in each bathroom of my home.”

I took her word for it, and when the wand arrived, I also followed Souza’s lead on filling it with equal parts dish soap and distilled vinegar. The results were immediate, and made the chrome of my shower head, knobs, and faucet shine in less time than it took to finish a song. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only person who read this story and felt like the solid review was worth a try — the Scotch-Brite Dishwand was the most popular cleaning product Apartment Therapy readers bought this year, with more than 9,000 sold. Here are three reasons why you should consider the brush, too.

It’s a Multi-Tasker During Your Nightly or Morning Routine

In her review, Souza notes that she scrubs her shower while she’s inside. “About once a week, when I notice a little buildup growing, I just reach for this dish wand and do some light scrubbing on the floor, tiles, handle, and even the shower head,” she says.

It takes her about a minute to do so, and she refills the wand every three weeks. This habit makes it possible to keep a clean shower regardless of how busy you are outside of your nighttime or morning routine — because after a while, this task becomes a consistent part of it (and it’s a lot faster than some skincare regimens). 

It Makes Kitchen Scrubbing Much Easier

Outside of a shower, I’ve taken this scrubber (with a replacement head, of course) into my kitchen for everything from grease stains in pesky corners to caked-on messes in my trusty skillet. The dispenser inside the wand makes it easy to go through dish soap on an as-needed basis, keeping waste to a minimum, and can also be used to target the exact splatter directly. I like that there’s a scraper at the top of the brush head for stuff that’s really stuck in place. And the bristles are hearty, so they don’t lose their shape too soon. There’s no need to worry about it ruining what it’s cleaning, either: The times when I have put some muscle into scrubbing, this wand hasn’t scratched my kitchenware. 

It’s Probably Cleaner than a Sponge

After a short while, standard kitchen sponges just seem too gross to touch. This wand, on the other hand, will dry fully in the utensil portion of a dish rack and can be placed inside a dishwasher. It has diminished my need for sponges nearly completely — I still have a pack on hand, courtesy of my former self — and feels cleaner than a sponge, given that my hand is removed from direct work. And when the brush head does need to be replaced, it’s usually after weeks of use. 

All in all, Souza was right. This scrub wand is worthy of being the most popular cleaning product Apartment Therapy readers bought this year.