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updated May 4, 2019
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Product: Tory Burch for FitBit
Price: $38.00 – $195
Rating: Strong Recommend*

FitBit users are a passionate bunch. And rightly so. The app and corresponding wristband have achieved quite a bit of notoriety for creating one of the most all-encompassing body, health and fitness trackers on the market. The minimal band of the FitBit was always missing something for me, though. Enter Tory Burch.

The new collaboration between Tory Burch and FitBit brings four new products to the market: two familiar silicone wristbands with a white Tory print and a much more fashionable gold clasp, as well as one new necklace holder and a metal hinged bracelet. The new line up is especially smart, because those who already own a FitBit can simply buy one of the new styles to have more versatile options for wearing their FitBit.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

For the purposes of this review, we aren’t going to get into the details of the FitBit system and how it compares to other small fitness trackers. That’s well covered here and here. Instead, let’s talk about the details of the Tory Burch specific products.

The gold bracelet and necklace are a brilliant entry into the market. They are of incredibly high quality, hide the FitBit seamlessly and hold the device really well. I informally asked a few people what they thought about each of the jewelry pieces and not one would have guessed it was actually housing my fitness tracker. The pieces look at home with any of Tory Burch’s jewelry collections and work well with almost any style of clothing—work or casual. After all, tracking health shouldn’t be synonymous with yoga pants.

It’s worth noting that other than the printed silicone bands, the Tory Burch line is really not for fitness buffs. The gold casings on the necklace and bracelet are completely impractical for that purpose, so sticking with a traditional FitBit band is ideal for people who use the FitBit when they sweat. I tested both the gold wristband and the necklace in extreme San Diego Comic Con heat and actually found the gold bracelet really uncomfortable when sweating a lot. The sheer weight of it causes it to stick to your arm and it’s obviously much heavier than a simple silicone band. The necklace didn’t present this problem at all. While it is slightly heavy, it’s not much more cumbersome than any other statement necklace with a large pendant.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

Ultimately, the Tory Burch for FitBit collection is ideal for people who are health focused but need to be a bit more dressed up most of the day. The pieces seamlessly fit in with a business or business casual work attire, and it’s especially appropriate for night life too. Hopefully this collaboration will expand, so they can create a silver version of these accessories in the future. While gold is trendy right now, I know many women who prefer silver accessories; making sure the pieces fit into a cohesive look only makes sense if you’re spending up to $195 on one piece.

Of course, these new fashionable options won’t replace all other bands. The traditional silicone band (with or without the Tory Burch print) is a must have for workouts or super warm climates.

Pros: It’s a much needed chic improvement to the FitBit’s wearable options. The designs don’t scream “fitness wearable” and fit in with all of the other items in the Tory Burch collection.

Cons: Cost. The Tory Burch silicone bands cost about the same as traditional bands, but the gold jewelry versions cost four times as much. Also, the gold jewelry is not 14K gold, so, as with any costume jewelry, daily wear might start to affect the coating.

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