This Bathroom Staple Is the Secret to Closet Organization, According to TikTok

published Nov 3, 2022
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If you’ve totally run out of space in your closet and your bureau is bursting at the seams, then this TikToker has a hack that instantly turns any space into a walk-in closet. And all she uses to do so is a towel rail and a handful of hooks.

“I’ve used this little towel bar hack in my close to hang up all my pants, but you don’t need a walk-in closet to use this trick,” Molly from @TheRenegadeHome said in her October video.

She then showed how she hung up a towel rail on her daughter’s bedroom wall to store all her jeans and hoodies when she got low on storage space. Molly also uses a towel rail to store her paintbrushes and DIY tools, and she also put one in the laundry room to hang clothing that needs to air dry or be steamed.

The towel bar Molly seemingly prefers is this one from Amazon. It’s by the brand GERZWY and comes in either 9-, 12-, 18-, 24-, or 30-inch lengths. You can also pick it up in either brushed gold or silver, chrome, or black.

Molly then uses matching gold hooks to hang her clothing, getting it off the floor or the infamous “clothes chair.”

The most important thing to remember when installing the towel rails for storing heavier clothing items is that you may want to invest in some heavier-duty screws to ensure the bar stays on the wall. One commenter on TikTok suggested Molly bolts, a type of drywall anchor screw.

Now any wall in your house can become a walk-in closet for well under $40.