This TikToker Upcycled a Children’s Toy into a Garden Feature

published May 22, 2023
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Credit: kkgas/Stocksy

In your garage, attic, shed, or storage unit, you may have a few items lying around that either need to be donated or given a second chance. Even if you don’t do DIY projects often, you never know what you can do with an old DVD holder or Bundt pans. In one TikToker’s case, she upcycled an old kids’ toy into a planter, and it didn’t take much work to do so.

When Hilary (@lightcamerayorks) found an old Fisher Price water table in her belongings, she knew the potential that it had to begin a miniature garden. 

“I knew the second my son outgrew this Fisher Price water table that I would try to turn it into a planter,” she captioned her video. 

To start the project, Hilary drilled holes throughout the entire table to ensure that the future plant could drain. She covered up the table’s blue and green color by adding gray primer and a stone textured finish spray from Rust-oleum before finishing with a clear matte spray. Once the table was finished, she added some soil to the top and bottom parts of the new planter.

Although she mentioned her lack of gardening experience, Hilary said that she’s “gonna learn how to have a green thumb this year” and meet her goal to grow something. Among other flowers, she started her gardening journey with ranunculus seeds and anemone seeds and already started seeing sprouts. In the comment section, many suggested that the planter is the perfect size to plant herbs, green onions, or strawberries. 

A little over a month later, Hilary shared her disappointment with the progress of the plants, but she’s not giving up. Between mischievous squirrels and overexposure to the sun, she may end up restarting the mini garden with succulents. 

Hopefully Hilary’s endeavor to plant herbs or succulents improves over the next month, but in the meantime, it’s a good idea to start digging through your old items and upcycling them into new products.