Trader Joe’s Newest Planters Look Like Wood-Carved Animals

published Jun 20, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Shutterstock; Design: Apartment Therapy

Whoever is coming up with the planter designs for Trader Joe’s deserves a raise. Trader Joe’s just released three new succulent planters for spring and summer, and each one looks like an animal that’s been carved out of wood.

The planters come in three different animal shapes: a snail, a bird, and a turtle. They’re actually ceramic, but the carved grooves and tan wash make them look like they’re hand-carved.

“I have a problem and Trader Joe’s keeps feeding it,” one person commented on a post from the Trader Joe’s Geek Instagram account. “Addicted to these little succulent planters.” Yeah, same.

It looks like each planter comes with one of three succulent options and they’re between $2.99 and $4.99 each, depending on your Trader Joe’s location. The planters are only about two inches tall, which makes them the perfect size for a side table or that free corner of your desk.

Succulents love dry soil, so this is the perfect kind of plant for those of us with green thumbs that can sometimes go a bit brown. You can forget about succulents for a week or two and they won’t wilt or yellow.

Just give your plant a thorough watering when the soil is completely dry and keep it in a spot in your home with indirect sunlight. 

Another person added to the comments section of a post from Trader Joe’s New, “Omg soooo adorable!! That little snail is coming home with me!!”

Pick up all three to create a mini succulent centerpiece on your patio or kitchen table, or grab one for yourself and two for friends. These little wood-looking creatures are too cute to pass up and must be added to your Trader Joe’s planter collection ASAP.