The Two Trader Joe’s Skincare Products an Aesthetician Highly Recommends

published Apr 6, 2023
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Skincare section/shelves at Trader Joe's store
Credit: Debra Rivera

Let’s face it — skincare can be daunting. There are so many products on the market, and perfecting your routine can take a bit of trial and error. Not to mention, skincare pricing ranges from just a few bucks to serums costing hundreds of dollars. While some people may be cool with spending a significant amount of money on beauty products, you definitely don’t have to. One company that knows a thing or two about deals is the beloved grocery store Trader Joe’s.

Usually tucked toward the side or back of Trader Joe’s stores is their beauty section. Stocked with basic toiletries including lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and, yes, a wide variety of skincare, these products are all offered at an affordable price. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything for more than $10. If you’re used to browsing skincare at Ulta or Sephora, this could feel too good to be true. Can you really get high-quality beauty products at the same place you get your groceries? According to skincare professionals, you absolutely can. I asked celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross of SkinLab in Manhattan Beach, California, what he recommends, and he’s got good news — especially if you’ve been in the market for a new facial oil or moisturizer. 

Credit: Debra Rivera

“The marula oil from Trader Joe’s is an amazing value for a great facial oil,” Ross says. “Marula oil is from the seed of the marula tree and is rich in fatty acids and amino acids, as well as antioxidants.” Facial oils are great for hydrating the skin and will give you a healthy glow — especially if your skin tends to be on the drier side. If you’re worried that putting oil on your face may clog your pores or cause acne, however, Ross says there’s no need for concern. “Seed oils mimic the natural oils of your skin, so they won’t break you out,” he explains. 

Half an ounce of a luxury brand’s marula oil is $38, but the .85-ounce Trader Joe’s version is only $6.99. Not bad, especially if you’re new to facial oils and want to give them a try! Ross recommends using the oil in place of a moisturizer or, for extra hydration, adding it to the top of your moisturizer at night. 

Credit: Debra Rivera

Speaking of hydration, Ross also recommends Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. “It’s a great option for those who prefer a light, more absorbent moisturizer, especially for oily [skin] types,” Ross says. Because this moisturizer is a gel formula, it’s perfect for cooling and calming the skin, and the ingredients are top-notch. 

“It’s loaded with amazing beneficial ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin, which are all amazing ingredients that soothe, reduce inflammation, and hydrate the skin,” Ross notes. According to the description on Trader Joe’s website, the moisturizer does indeed contain what they call the “holy grail of modern moisturizing ingredients” — sodium hyaluronate, or the salt form of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient helps the skin keep its natural moisture, without leaving an oily residue. 

The Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer has been dubbed a dupe for high-end moisturizers that range from $50 to upwards of $300. The Trader Joe’s moisturizer, meanwhile, is $8.99 and comes in a 2.5-ounce container — so you’re getting plenty of product and pocketing some serious savings. Pairing the Trader Joe’s marula facial oil and the gel moisturizer will hydrate and moisturize the skin at the same time, all while costing just a fraction of the price of other luxury skincare brands. 

The moral of the story is you can absolutely invest in products that will help give you beautiful, glowing skin without breaking the bank. Who knew you can get quality skincare at the grocery store? The next time you’re on a Trader Joe’s run, don’t forget to browse the beauty section!