Trader Joe’s Olive Trees Are Back for Just $11

published Sep 7, 2023
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Canvas bag filled with Trader Joe's groceries on countertop.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Attention, green thumbs: Olive trees have landed at Trader Joe’s, and they’re retailing for just $10.99 apiece.

The Instagram account Trader Joe’s Plants (@trader.joes.plants), which spotlights the popular grocery store’s botanical deals, recently shared the news in an August 29 post.

“Potted some beautiful olive trees yesterday @traderjoes,” they wrote in the caption. “Has anyone had success growing these indoors or outdoors?”

“Yes, planted one two years ago and doing great!” one commenter wrote.

“It’s growing super well outdoors for me since I bought one 1-2 months ago (about one foot of growth) with direct sunlight,” another Instagram user said. 

As the Trader Joe’s sign in @trader.joes.plants’ photo points out, olive trees are “a symbol of peace, friendship, and rebirth.” And although you can plant them outside as the aforementioned Instagram commenters did, they can live indoors for eight to nine years, according to plant experts. We recommend giving olive trees full sun at least six hours a day, ideally in a sunny, south-facing window. For best results, place your olive tree in soil that drains easily (such as cactus mix), and make sure that your container has drainage holes. Since olive trees are native to the Mediterranean, they’re suited to dry air and can go a while between waterings — just make sure to water them once the top inch of soil in their pot has dried out.

With their sage-colored foliage, olive trees can imbue your home with a minimalist taste of Tuscany. You can pick one up now while they’re just $10.99 at select Trader Joe’s locations. If you’re not near a Trader Joe’s or your local store doesn’t have them in stock, Aldi has them this week for $12, or you can also purchase a similar two-pack set of young olive trees for $22.95 on Amazon.