Aldi Is Selling $12 Olive Trees

published Sep 5, 2023
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With the recent arrival of $10 ZZ plants and $9 money trees at Aldi, it’s no surprise that the grocery store is adding another affordable indoor plant to its collection. And if you’re a fan of olives, this might be an opportunity to grow the fresh fruit in your home.

The 5” olive tree is the next houseplant that is making its way to Aldi, and you won’t want to miss out on this steal for only $11.99. Olive trees — which are known for bringing a Mediterranean flair into any interior — can blossom to an extremely tall height. So yes, this tree has the potential to reach your ceiling, but that’ll require some maintenance and TLC.

Credit: Aldi

Unlike some houseplants, the olive tree does require a lot of direct sunlight, so you’ll want to place your new plant near a south-facing, sunny window. If you happen to have little sunlight entering your home, look into purchasing a grow light, which can also come in handy for other vegetable plants that love the sun. Another tip for fostering a healthy olive tree is to maintain moist and well-drained soil and avoid overwatering.

If your plant makes it through winter, you might want to consider repotting it into a bigger planter to promote new growth. Add a soil with a variety of nutrients and allow the roots to have space at the bottom of the planter. Although Aldi didn’t confirm if its olive tree is ornamental or a fruit-bearing tree, these tips might give you a chance at having fresh olives in no time. The fruit has a high amount of Vitamin E and other antioxidants, and who doesn’t love olive oil?

While you’re grocery shopping, keep an eye out for Aldi’s new houseplant or check out Etsy for an Arbequina olive tree that happens to be the same size. The Arbequina plant is definitely fruitful, and its five-star reviews prove that it’s a great investment. Cheers to fresh olives!