Trader Joe’s Is Now Selling This Popular Summer Plant for Just $5

published Jun 25, 2024
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Credit: Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Sunflowers may just be the most iconic summer flower. They’re bright and cheery, and quite literally bring a ray of sunshine to any garden, bouquet, or centerpiece. If you’ve always wanted to grow sunflowers but just don’t have the garden space, Trader Joe’s is selling potted sunflowers you can keep on your front porch, balcony, or kitchen table — and for just $5 each, you may find it hard not to go overboard.

“I love checking out the plants when I go to Trader Joe’s,” the creator behind the Trader Joe’s Hotbuys Instagram wrote in a recent caption. “They’re always so tempting!”

It looks like each plant comes with one large sunflower stalk (shown in the second photo of the carousel below), but you could potentially see more buds coming up — keep your eyes peeled while you’re shopping.

Although you’re likely used to seeing sunflowers in gardens or fields, potted sunflowers can do just as well as those grown in the ground. Smaller, dwarf varieties that don’t exceed four feet tall will especially thrive in pots, but you can still grow larger sunflowers in bigger pots, too. 

If you choose to repot your Trader Joe’s sunflower, make sure you’re placing it in one with really good drainage so that the roots don’t rot when you’re watering it. And, if possible, pick up a well-draining soil, too, to really give your sunflower the best chance to prosper.

And yes, sunflowers love full sunlight! Place your sunflower in a sunny spot outside, or indoors near a bright window. Note that potted sunflowers dry out much faster than those grown in the ground, so you’ll have to water these fairly frequently (as soon as the soil goes dry.)

Head to Trader Joe’s to pick up one of these stunning $5 sunflower plants and make your summer days that much brighter!