The Splurgy Litter Box That I’m Proud to Display In My Tiny Studio Apartment (Bonus: It Has Built-in Storage!)

published Jul 29, 2022
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Credit: Sandra Rojo

As a first-time cat mom of two rowdy kittens (Zara and Kaia), I’ve had to buy a lot of feline products recently. My heart is happy, but my wallet… not so much. Stocking up on cheesy toys was the fun part (case in point: a “Whisker Claw” plushie). The stinkiest part? Finding a litter box. Living in a tiny studio, I didn’t have a ton of options, but I knew that the box had to be stylish and keep litter dust to a minimum. So when Tuft & Paw offered to send me their ridiculously chic litter box, I had a feeling I had found the one. And yep, it ticks all the boxes.

When I first brought my kitties home, I just had a standard (aka cheap) litter pan that I ordered on Amazon in pinch. But because it didn’t have any walls, litter was getting everywhere. I was vacuuming multiple times a day to pick up the dust. But as soon as I put out Tuft & Paw’s (award-winning!) Cove litter box, the litter dust almost disappeared completely. The removable frosted sides prevent tracking and hide the contents, which are no longer staring me straight in the face every time I walk by. The built-in compartments also put this litter box above the rest. The nifty storage holds the scoop and sifter perfectly, so they’re always at the ready.

Wondering if it’s easy to clean? Definitely! The anti-stick plastic makes it a breeze to clean, so you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing. I don’t even use a liner — a simple wipe-down with a soapy rag is all it takes to get the litter box looking brand new and smelling fresh. Plus, the rubber bottom ensures it stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends knocking it over and creating a mess.

Credit: Tamara Kraus

While this next-level litter box isn’t exactly compact and overflows a bit into my “hallway,” it’s worthy of every square foot of space it takes up thanks to the dashing good looks and high-performance functionality. It even complements the art hanging on my wall above it, right?! Best of all, my kitties took to it immediately. If you’ve had cats, you know they’re extremely finicky and don’t use just any type of litter or litter box, so it’s truly a win if there’s no transition time when introducing them to a new product of any kind. I also love that it’s big enough for both kitties to use at the same time, which helps cut down on any accidents that may happen while “waiting in line” to use the loo.

Tuft & Paw also has a mix of other incredibly chic cat products that have been on design-minded cat parents‘ wish lists for years. Dogs typically get all the fun stuff — toys, carriers, leashes, and more — so it was about time that cat products got an upgrade, too! Up next, I’ve got my eyes on their stylish Cloud 9 window hammock, complete with a cozy sherpa covering that was built for hours of dreamy cat naps.

Cat parents: If there’s one product you need to make your home cleaner and prettier, it’s this fancy, functional litter box – take my word (and Zara and Kaia’s) for it.

Buy: Cove Litter Box, $199