The Stylish, TikTok-Famous Find That Instantly Gave My “Boob Light” a Warmer Glow-Up (No Tools Required)

published Feb 26, 2024
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Credit: Viv Yapp

I’ve subscribed to the no “big light” rule for as long as I can remember — long before it became a trend on TikTok for users to share their distaste for harsh overhead lighting. In fact, when the first anti-“big light” post crossed my For You page, I was lounging in my apartment illuminated by three colorful lamps. In my (and most of the internet’s) opinion, unless your overhead light source has a dimmer, it’ll completely disrupt the vibe of your space, no matter how stylishly decorated it is.

Another lighting-related thing that the internet loves to hate? “Boob lights,” a.k.a. the frosted flush mount domes that mar the ceiling of nearly every apartment out there. I’m right there with the haters; an overhead light is already offensive, but when it’s also a boob light? Completely irredeemable. Unfortunately, as a NYC renter, I’ve been dealt with too-bright boob lights in every single apartment I’ve ever lived in. I thought that the only solution was getting a drill out and removing the fixture entirely, but that was before I gave Tulip’s renter-friendly light shade a try.

Thanks to Tulip’s gorgeous Gem Shade, my boob light is completely out of sight — and I’d even go as far as to consider myself a big light convert.

What is the Gem Shade?

As much as it sounds too good to be true, Tulip’s gorgeous shades require zero tools and can be installed and removed in a pinch. The geometric Gem model that I opted for, in particular, draws inspiration from paper lanterns, and the Sunlight-colored shade emits a warm, low-lit glow that’s drastically different from most typical overhead lighting. 

Good looks aside, I’m sure the biggest question on your mind is exactly how it works.  The shade comes with a plastic, circular mount, which you stick on the ceiling around the boob light with the included double-sided tape. The mount and the shade connect with built-in magnets, so it snaps into place instantly.

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love the Gem Shade

As mentioned before, I never thought I would become a fan of overhead lighting, but Tulip’s Gem Shade has made me change my tune. Getting it set up was just as easy as the brand claims. I had it ready to go in minutes. You can leave it wrinkled for a lived-in look like I did or steam it — either way, it’ll be a show-stopper in any room you put it in. With the lights off, I was already a obsessed, but I was absolutely stunned when I flicked on my light switch. The glow that the yellow-colored shade gives off is mellow and vibey in a way that I never thought overhead lighting could be (sans complete removal and replacement). 

Tamara, AT’s managing commerce editor, had similar things to say after testing out the brand’s neutral Drum Shade: “I’ve dealt with the dreaded renter boob lights’ for probably nearly a decade and have thought about replacing them more times than I can count, but never got around to it. That is — until a friend told me about Tulip’s ingenious solution. It’s almost too easy to attach to your ceiling thanks to the adhesive design. The only tip I have? Make sure you clean your ceiling before installing it (you can thank me later!).”

Trust me, even if the price tag seems a little steep, the enormous impact it’ll have on your space makes it totally worth the splurge. Best of all, I can easily take it down and bring it with me to my next rental — which is perfect, because I don’t ever plan on leaving my Tulip Shade behind.

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