Before & After: Turning a Walk-In Closet Into a Nursery

updated May 4, 2019
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Before: a messy closet full of clothes hanging on racks as well as sports memorabilia
(Image credit: Anna)

With a baby on the way, Anna and her husband had to decide how they were going to fit a little person in their San Francisco one bedroom. The walk-in closet held the solution.

(Image credit: Anna)

From Anna:

My husband and I found out we were going to have a baby last December. We hadn’t exactly planned (just yet) on having a baby, and still were living in our one bedroom apartment in San Francisco.

We had no extra room for a baby. The only “room” we had was our walk-in closet so we decided to convert that to our nursery. Or what we so lovingly call, a “Closery.”

It took us about 2 months to purge all of our stuff and find wardrobes to replace the clothes we were keeping. The empty closet was quite spacious and actually fit a mini crib perfectly. We also lucked out and it already had a built-in dresser and mirror. My dad extended a platform in the back to act as a changing station and we added some small shelving for books and small storage. We put in removeable wallpaper as an accent wall, replaced the light fixture (a bare bulb with a pull string) with a Schoolhouse Electric light and a light switch to make it feel like a real room. (The closery now has the nicest light fixture in our apartment.) We also removed the closet doors and replaced them with curtains to make the space feel more open. The last bits were just decorating and adding a tiny rocking chair to complete the tiny reading nook.

We hope this might inspire other urban couples like us that have limited space to make their own closery!

Thank you Anna!