This Two-Second Tweak Instantly Made My Nightstand Vignette Look More Stylish

published May 9, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

As far as nightstand vignettes go, the rules have become as standard as a solid eight hours of sleep. There’s a lamp, of course, and perhaps a book or two (maybe one you’re actually reading). A clock is a necessity beside a candle as a nice detail, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a vase of flowers — even if that’s just there for a photo or a soon-departing guest.

But, just like getting enough shut-eye, sometimes a nightstand vignette doesn’t quite come together. It could be that there’s too much clutter to contend with, and hey, that’s life. Or perhaps your nightstand is too small for the space or not quite the right color. All of these issues require some degree of heavy lifting, so let me present a solution that you can do in all of two seconds: Make sure your lamp shade’s seam is facing the right direction. 

Credit: Kelly Dawson

The other day, while I was showing my mom how my new bedroom was progressing — with the nightstand vignette to prove it — she said this, “Oh, but you forgot to adjust your lamp shade, unless you meant to leave it like that.” I didn’t mean to leave it like that! In fact, I hadn’t even seen the problem until she mentioned it. The lamp shade’s seam was turned toward the front of the nightstand, putting it on full display. I took all of two seconds to turn the shade so that the seam faced the wall, and suddenly, I had achieved that pulled-together look I was after. I didn’t have to buy another thing, or clean another surface. There was no need to arrange flowers or place a candle just so. As soon as that tweak was done, it all looked like the design equivalent of a chef’s kiss. 

If it seems like this is an easy fix to make a space feel more intentional, that’s because it is. Just as an outfit looks more polished when a skirt’s zipper is in place, the same goes for a lamp shade’s seam. And while it might take a while to pick out everything around this teeny-yet-impactful design tip, putting this bit in place takes no time at all. So, go ahead and make sure that your lamp shade’s seam is in the right position. Not only will it make your bedside style look great, but it’ll do the same around the rest of your home.