This $22 Amazon Find Helped Me Finally Stop Losing My Keys

published Jul 28, 2021
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One of the best ways to ensure you won’t lose your keys is to have a designated spot for them, right? But what about sunglasses, your phone, and spare pens? (Asking for a friend, of course.) When I moved last winter, keeping up with these small items I never leave home without briefly became one of my hardest tasks. I was getting used to a new apartment, the unpacking seemed endless, and I still had to go out and run errands. I lost count of the number of times I left without something I needed on hand, just because it was out of sight when I walked out. How my extra pens disappeared from my purse, I’ll never know. But what helped remind me to do a quick bag check before leaving was a handy little organizer that I placed near my front door.

The Umbra Hammock Organizer caught my attention for its uniquely stylish design and the fact that it can be placed just about anywhere. It’s freestanding for nightstands and countertops, and if you prefer to free up flat surfaces, it can also be mounted to the wall. What’s really cool is that when it’s wall-mounted, the curved bottom rod of the organizer — that would otherwise keep it standing — can be used to place keys, sunglasses, and other items that can be hung. My favorite trick is to add some small S-hooks to it so items with loops can be stored there, too. While I only had mine hanging for a short time, I still found the wall-mounted placement very useful and would highly recommend it.

The small hammock organizer measures 7” x 4.75” x 6” and has three suede pockets for storage. While there is a larger option available with four tiers, the smaller version has enough space to hold everyday essentials. For instance, mine holds my house keys, car keys, at least one pair of sunglasses, a spare pen or two, mail, and every now and then I’ll toss my phone in it when I need the device out of the way while I’m cleaning. The suede material of the “hammocks” helps to keep your belongings scratch-free, which I love because I can be pretty reckless with my things when I’m in a rush. I have a small table near my door where the organizer sits, so it’s my last checkpoint before heading out for the day. Let me tell you, it’s saved me so many times from doing a mad dash around my apartment to find my keys at the last minute. It’s also incredibly useful to have all my mail filed there for easy access to save and dispose as needed.

The Umbra organizer blends beautifully with my decor and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s only available in neutrals so it fits in any room, no matter the color scheme. It’s also lightweight and not at all a hassle to move around. For $22, I’ve saved a ton of time and energy just being better organized and having my go-to items all in one place. It helped getting settled into a steady routine so much easier. Now, whenever I need to find my keys, I know exactly where to look!