10 Unique Online Experiences from Uncommon Goods That Make Better Valentine’s Day Gifts Than Flowers

published Jan 26, 2023
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Credit: Alicia Macias

Creative Valentine’s Day gifts seem great in theory, but coming up with the right idea and actually seeing it through can be a serious hurdle. If you want to handcraft a gift, you have to have the tools, time, and at least a little bit of skill to make it happen. Experiential gifts, like trying a new outdoors activity or taking a day trip, can quickly become too expensive or overly complicated to plan. However, if you don’t mind making your gift somewhat virtual, online classes and workshops strike a great balance between novelty and affordability.

One of our favorite places to look for virtual experiential or activity-based gifts is Uncommon Goods. They’re certifiable experts in creative gifts for birthdays, holidays, and any special occasion, and they have a network of instructors that take you through unforgettably fun workshops like keepsake framing, making 1980s-themed cocktails, and something called romantic mapmaking (which is as surprising and delightful as it sounds). Thankfully, many classes also ship you all the necessary supplies so you can focus on enjoying the experience and leave the planning to the professionals. Browse our favorite virtual classes below to find a Valentine’s Day gift that you and your partner will remember for a long time.

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Uncommon Goods

Take a deep dive into your zodiac sign (and so much more) with a private charting session with an expert astrologer. The 75-minute long class shows you how to create an accurate astrology chart for yourself and your V-Day buddy that will teach you about your behaviors and help you navigate your future. All you have to bring is your birth date (and time) and an open mind; a printed astrology chart is provided for you.

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Uncommon Goods

This class is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories by highlighting small souvenirs and personal items that have a story attached to them. During the 90-minute class you'll use the included kit to decorate and position your own keepsake in a simple and stylish display case that you can then hang on a wall or show off on a shelf (and remember fondly every time you see it).

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Uncommon Goods

The kit that accompanies this hour-long class gives you all the foundational ingredients for making your own sugar body scrub, as well as aromatics like mint, lavender, and orange peel so you can fine tune your preferred scent. Throughout the course, the instructor also teaches you about the benefits of using sugar scrubs, so you'll have inspiration and knowledge to experiment by making more homemade scrubs in the future.

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Uncommon Goods

This is one of the most memorable experiences that Uncommon Goods offers, and not only because you end up with personalized jewelry. Through the two-hour class you'll use the included ring carving kit to craft a ring by hand, with step-by-step advice from an expert to keep you on track. When class is over, you'll mail in your mold and receive a metal version of your vision cast by professionals. If you want a seriously special gift, handmade jewelry is a great choice.

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Uncommon Goods

The best part about learning to make your own candles is being able to customize their scent profiles. While this package comes with a kit containing all the supplies needed to make three soy wax candles, including a bottle of lavender oil, you're welcome to use any essential oils you have to give your candles the ideal aroma. Plus, something about making candles just feels romantic.

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Uncommon Goods

Over the course of 90 minutes, an expert baker will walk you through making a heavenly tray of focaccia bread and marinara dipping sauce at home. You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already, but if you want an extra gift you can add a cute "breads of the world" dish towel to your order for $14. And of course you'll come away with the skills to make delicious focaccia bread whenever you like!

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Uncommon Goods

The risk with most drink-and-paint classes is that, unless you're already somewhat of an artist, you can end up with a painting that you may not want to display so prominently. Thankfully, this class solves that problem by giving you a "paint by shadows" kit to work with — the canvas has an outline already printed on it so you can have fun filling everything in with the paintbrush. You'll finish the evening with a work of art that both looks great and has your personal touch.

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Uncommon Goods

What drink coasters lack in romance they make up for in being surprisingly easy and fun to craft on your own. Your class package includes all the materials for two coasters — wooden bases, colorful mosaic tiles, and super glue — so you can bring your own design to life (with some guidance from the instructor). Plus, at the end you'll have something to rest your wine glass on.

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Uncommon Goods

This class is just as engaging and revealing whether you take it solo or with a partner. A tarot mentor will walk you through a personal tarot card reading that focuses on helping you gain a better understanding of your current romantic relationship and identify what your priorities are for it in the future. Bring your own tarot deck if you have one or add one to your class package for an extra $25.

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Uncommon Goods

Turn textiles like clothes and dish towels into works of art by transferring the shapes and colors of real flowers onto them. This flower-printing workshop comes with a kit that includes a cotton bandana, plant-based dyes, and pressed flowers (handpicked in the instructor's garden in the Hudson Valley). When you're done, you'll have skills to do your own eco-printing on tote bags, bedding, and any other fabric you want to decorate.