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5 DIYers Share the Under-$100 Home Projects on Their To-Do Lists for 2022

published Jan 17, 2022
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A DIYer’s work is never finished. There’s always something that can spark inspiration and a project that needs to get done. Maybe a popular item has swept social media, and they want to see if they can do it differently for their followers. Perhaps they’ve been putting off a detail in their home that could use some attention, or it could finally be time to commit to an overhaul that’s been under lots of consideration. Given their wide-ranging creativity and penchant for photo-ready projects — from bathroom redos and kitchen accessories to backyard updates and bedroom must-haves — it’s thrilling in its own way to see what’s next. 

With a whole bunch of 2021 projects successfully behind them, we asked a few DIYers what they have in store for the next 12 months. But instead of letting their imaginations roam freely, we had a small caveat to that question: We also sought to know if any of those projects can be accomplished for less than $100. 

The responses I got range from big projects that span entire floors to little ones that barely cover a wall. They also note how keeping control of a budget can be good for the environment, since reusing paint, sifting through thrift stores, or upcycling furniture is as kind to a wallet as it is to the environment. As 2022 gets underway, let these creatives inspire you to think about the projects you’d like to accomplish alongside them, including the ideas they list below. 

Read on to learn which projects are on their radars, and keep an eye out for their work in 2022. 

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Painting a Mural

Catherine Meschia, a DIYer at Ctrl+Curate, has plans that are mostly personal, but based on her highly approachable portfolio, many readers will likely be able to follow her lead. 

“I’m looking forward to tackling a mural in our nursery. We’re expecting our first baby in March, and we’re feeling the pressure to get his room ready. Right now, it’s just a white box with no personality,” Meschia says. “I want to tap into the rich, tropical colors we have around us in Florida to make him feel connected to our home state. I’m planning on using chalk to draw out large-scale leaves, and choosing from sample-size paints to stretch the colors and budget. It’ll be cheaper than installing a mural, and I’m looking forward to getting into a therapeutic flow with it.”

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Upcycling Old Furniture

Designer and DIYer Geri Alessi of Geri Loves Emi Paper Co. is hoping to incorporate more earth-conscious practices into her projects next year, including for a piece in her daughter’s room.

“In 2022, I want to work on being more sustainable wherever possible, and instead of always replacing old with new, I want to dabble in more furniture upcycling projects. In my daughter’s room, for example, there’s an old IKEA cabinet. I’d like to breathe new life into it by using a mixture of sample-size and leftover paints, adding half-wood dowels to the doors, and then placing new handles on top. It will be a simple but really impactful change.”

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Refreshing a Laundry Room

DIYer Stacie Abdallah of Stacie’s Spaces has a lot of ideas brewing for the coming year, but she’s most excited to tackle an area that often needs more design attention: the laundry room. 

“My 2022 project list is ever-evolving, and the year hasn’t even started yet. One of the projects on my list is a laundry room refresh, and it should be less than $100 for sure,” Abdallah says. “We are going to add a quick board-and-batten treatment, lots of paint, a little stain, a new light fixture, and maybe some peel-and-stick wallpaper. I know that sounds like a lot, but it is a small space, and we already have some of the materials. As for everything else, I’ll be looking for deals! This room doubles as our mudroom, and with three little boys, it gets a lot of wear and tear. It’s time that we show it a little love — on a budget!”

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Painting a Neglected Area at Home

Casey Finn of DIY Playbook has big ideas for 2022, starting with her basement. Her plan to make it feel more welcoming is one more example of how a simple coat of paint can sometimes have the strongest impact. 

“Since we bought our home, the basement has been pushed to the bottom of our to-do list. That all changes in 2022!” Finn says. “My first task? Paint! For a $45 gallon, you can make any space in your home look completely different and refreshed. I’m planning on a dark, moody navy for the entire basement, including some of the ceiling to hide the ductwork. I know a painting project isn’t the most exciting DIY, but it’s something everyone can do, and it will instantly change the way a room looks and feels.”

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Creating Original Art

Trisha Sprouse, who DIYs for various home publications and runs the Vignette blog, wants to see if she can figure out a way to make an often pricey home item much more attainable in the new year. 

“In 2022, I’d love to add more artwork to my home. Instead of spending a ton of money on new or expensive art, I like to find thrift store pieces that I can easily flip,” Sprouse says. “For instance, if I find a great frame, I’ll replace the existing artwork with a new print that I’ve downloaded from the internet, and perhaps gild the frame with some Rub ‘n Buff. Or I’ll paint over an outdated canvas painting with spackling to give it a minimal makeover with fabulous texture. It’s such a simple and sustainable way to create new art by upcycling older pieces — and very budget-friendly, too.”