10 Home Depot Decor Finds Under $100 That Will Make a Big Impact in Your Space

published Sep 21, 2022
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Are you ever really done decorating your space? Time goes on, tastes evolve, and before you know it, that once-perfect kitchen, bedroom, or living room is due for an update. No, that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch to make a room feel brand new again (thank goodness!). If you do it right, all it takes is a few fresh colorways and textures to transform a room’s overall feel. Adding a tall plant, a floating shelf, or a bookcase to an underappreciated corner to draw the eye to new heights, or swapping out a dreary, old rug for something new can completely change your space. And if you know where to shop, you can make easy upgrades at affordable prices. Case in point: Home Depot. We love the mega-retailer for home improvement finds of all sorts, but did you know that the brand’s website is packed with items to elevate your home decor at prices you can afford, too?

Check out these under-$100 Home Depot finds that will spice up any space without breaking the bank. 

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Whether you swap out your old rug, layer on top of what you already have, or add to a currently rugless room, this chic, marble-inspired find is a great way to redefine your space.

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Opting for a tall plant as decor — like this artificial fiddle leaf — adds an effortless pop of color to a room while bringing the calming ambiance of the outdoors inside.

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Scoring a ladder bookcase is like hitting the space-maximizing jackpot. Grab all of the frames, plants, and books you haven't had room to show off, and get to staging!

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Overhauling a room’s look can be done with one simple move: adding peel-and-stick wallpaper. We recommend this botanical showstopper, the ultimate renter-friendly find.

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These chrome-and-brown bar stools are the perfect contemporary addition to any modern kitchen. Their 360° swivel comes in handy when hosting guests, too.

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When we say “a little goes a long way,” we’re talking about the subtle yet beautiful edge detail on this floating shelf. Just because it's understated doesn't mean it has to go unnoticed.

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With natural walnut tones mixed with black metal hardware, all brought together with clean, modern lines, this contemporary nightstand is the fresh addition your space needs.

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Multi-purpose storage that doesn’t look like storage? Yes, please! Hang all of your jewelry in this mounted mirror, and then close the door — no one will ever know that your valuables are back there.

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When I think of a spa, earthy textures and tones come to mind. And who doesn’t want their bathroom to match that energy? Decorating with this concrete bath accessory set — which includes a lotion dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush mug, and toothbrush holder — will help you capture that calm feel at home.

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Every reading nook needs the perfect mood lighting, and this vintage-inspired brass floor lamp will do the trick. Pair it with your favorite comfy chair, and voila! You've created a dedicated chill spot.