This $18 Find Is the Renter-Friendly Shelving Solution I’ve Been Searching For (No Drilling Required!)

published Sep 12, 2022
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Credit: Erin Derby

If you’re a DIYer, a renter, or someone that just doesn’t like drilling holes in your walls, chances are you are familiar with Command, the uber-popular (and super-effective) brand of adhesives and hooks that help you make the most of your wall space. In fact, we at AT have written about their must-haves for the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and everywhere in between.

But here’s the thing: Command products are normally sandwiched between whatever you’re hanging and the wall, staying as hidden from sight as possible. Well not anymore, folks. With the Large Heavyweight Organizing Caddy, Command is no longer stuck behind the scenes — this understated, chic organizing solution is taking center stage.

The Heavyweight Collection is designed to handle a lot of weight — as in up to 10, 15, or 20 pounds depending on the product you buy. I had been looking at shelving options for the bathroom not five minutes before I got an email announcing the new line, and I was immediately interested in the organizing caddy. I am very low on built-in bathroom storage, and rather than piling my odds and ends on the back of the toilet, I wanted something to keep my lotions and potions of the way yet within easy reach. I didn’t need anything fancy, but I definitely wanted it to be pleasing to the eye. And as much as I really didn’t want to do any drilling that might impact my security deposit, I didn’t see any way around that issue given that I needed a shelf that could hold heavy items… until I got the chance to test out the caddy. It’s a perfect way to store the bigger items that don’t fit into the medicine cabinet and that I use too often to stow under the sink. It fits in seamlessly with my simple bathroom decor, and it securely holds whatever I can stuff into it.

Credit: Amy Gordon

While I put my Heavyweight Caddy to the test in the bathroom, this all-purpose piece can easily help you organize any room in the apartment. One Amazon customer who uses it in their kitchen commented, “I have a Dawn dish soap spray, Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray, and dishwasher gloves in there and it holds strongly. Highly recommend.” Another keeps it in their work-from-home space to keep the desk clutter free, explaining, “Such a great added feature where ever you need a little more space! It holds a full 24 oz. bottle of water, vitamins, glasses, and little odds I want to keep near. I have had it up for several months and it’s as sturdy as can be!”

In the package, you’ll find four large Command strips for affixing the caddy to the wall, along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to do so. It takes minutes to install, and while mine has been hard at work for months, it shows no signs of budging. Even better: The caddy is on sale right now for just $18 on Amazon! That’s a steal of a deal for a sleek-looking shelf that will stay put for the long haul.

Right now I am in the process of Mario Kondo-ing my apartment, and once I have a better sense of where everything is going, I am going to use the other pieces in the Heavyweight line to create designated spots on the wall to hang my grocery cart, step ladder, and other bulky items that never seem to have a proper home. Until then, I’ll just say thank you, Command — you’re definitely the heavyweight champ in my household!

Buy: Command Large Heavyweight Organizing Caddy, $17.88 (normally $19.99)