This Is the One Way You Probably Haven’t Thought to Store Your Spare Throw Pillow Covers, and It Costs $0 and Takes Up Zero Space

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Credit: Sylvie Li

Some people look forward to switching up their wardrobes with each new season. Me? I get excited about changing up my decor — especially when it comes to my throw pillow covers. They’re a fun and affordable way to play with different patterns, textures, and colors in my home. 

If, like me, you’re of the you-can-never-have-too-many-throw-pillows mindset, you’ve likely come across the one downside of collecting: finding enough storage space. Luckily, I have an answer that takes up zero space and costs nothing: Instead of packing my covers away, I simply slip the new cover over the old ones. At any given time, my inserts wear at least three covers each, which get switched around as often as my mood dictates. While I’ve found three to be the ideal number of layers, depending on the fabric thickness and the insert, I’ve managed to put five covers on without any unsightly bulkiness.

This little storage hack means I can have a lot of different covers to change up my couch every month, without it feeling like they’re taking over my closets. This past winter, I was all about bouclé, and with spring in the air I’m totally loving breezy linen. Come summer, I know I’ll be opting for cotton muslins. A simple switch of the cushion covers completely transforms my sofa and armchairs in just a few minutes.   

It’s not only about changing textures, though. Being a minimalist, I naturally lean toward neutral, solid colors. But occasionally I enjoy mixing it up with geometric patterns or bold hues, so I keep a stash of these options under my more neutral mainstays.  

The world of pillow covers is yours to explore. By adopting my layering trick, you’ll have ample opportunities for room refreshes anytime you want — all without worrying about stealing space from something else in your home. And yes, to keep this trick in tip-top shape, you should donate or sell anything that goes beyond your “bench” of options. The key is to keep your choices affordable, while adhering to the “one in, one out” decluttering rule as you acquire new styles.