Urban Outfitters is Selling a Stool That Looks Like Corn, and It’s A-maize-ing

published Apr 25, 2020
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Sure, our parents told us to never play with our food, but they never told us about not sitting on it.

Urban Outfitters, perhaps sensing rising consumer demand for *ahem* tasteful furniture, is selling a line of stools that look like oversized food. The most a-maize-ing (sorry, just had to) item in the collection is the corn cob, which from afar, looks like the real thing, though much larger than life. Made from hand-painted resin, the stool includes details such as the kernels, the inside of the said kernels, and even the exposed chaff as if a very large someone had already taken a bite out of it.

As the website says, the stool is indeed “kitschy,” though we think it would make for some humorous seating in a nursery. If you’re in the corn business, it would be perfect in your office.

The collection has other designs too if you find the cob piece a bit corny (last pun, I promise). There’s a stool that looks like three glazed donuts stacked together, each one in a different flavor. Another design is of a double-decker hamburger complete with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and even mayo. And for dessert, there’s also a vanilla ice cream cone with the melted treat as the cushion.

The designs are by Japanese gift brand Rotary Hero, and produced by Australian-based Third Drawer Down, a Melbourne shop that collaborates with global artists to create collections “with an uncompromising dedication to artistic integrity, functionality, and accessibility.” Kitchn first wrote about the corn stool last year, and the piece has even been spotted in a House Tour.

Each stool is priced at $210, fries not included.