The $40 Shower Curtain Four Apartment Therapy Editors All Bought for Their Bathrooms

published Aug 9, 2019
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My name is Emma Glubiak, I’m Apartment Therapy’s Social Media Editor, and this is the story of how I fell in love with an Urban Outfitters shower curtain.

My curtain and I didn’t fall for each other at first sight, but rather it was a slow, growing interest over the course of a few blissful months. They say the best relationships are formed when you start out as friends, which is how my trusty curtain and I began our courtship.

We first encountered each other last February when Apartment Therapy’s Editor-in-Chief, Laura, featured a photo of it in this love letter to her favorite bathroom from a house tour. Laura is effortlessly cool, so anything she recommends is immediately at the front of my radar.  However, February was busy and I soon shoved it to the back of my mind. Plus, I didn’t even have a shower that needed a curtain at this point, so my precious curtain and I weren’t yet meant to be.

Then came March, when my hunt for a new apartment began in earnest and serendipitously I started to look back at February site traffic to see what our readers loved the most. Lo and behold, the number one pinned image from the month of February was the bathroom with the Urban Outfitters curtain. If I were a gal who believed in signs, I might have taken this as a surefire indication that I needed to buy this curtain. But alas, our love was doomed to be star-crossed since I still had a shower with a sliding glass door and no solid new-apartment prospects in sight.

Our tumultuous love story, dear reader, doesn’t end there. In April, the stars aligned, fate was on my side, and a perfect shower curtain storm was upon us. Not only did I sign a lease for an apartment with a blessedly doorless shower, but as I worked on a report for work, the curtain popped up yet again as one of the top images for the month of March. (Our EIC Laura finally caved to the obsession, bought it (in lemon) for her bathroom, and wrote about it in her March editor’s letter.)

This was the straw that broke the shower-curtain-shaped camel’s back. I added the object of my long-suffering obsession to my cart, checked out, and didn’t look back.

We have lived together in happiness on the Upper West Side ever since—à la Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail.” Sometimes I hold a boombox up to it and play it Peter Gabriel songs like we’re in a John Cusack movie because hey, that’s love. It genuinely brings me joy to see it in the morning and I love the color it brings to my all-white bathroom. Plus, the compliments I get on it from guests don’t hurt.

Credit: Emma Glubiak

I am a firm believer that the right shower curtain can make any boring, cookie-cutter bathroom feel fresh and new. And I am not alone! Countless Apartment Therapy Media staffers have also taken a chance on love with this same curtain.

Just ask Arie Knutson, the News & Culture Editor for Kitchn:

“I saw it on Instagram before my big move to Los Angeles, and I wanted it immediately. It was light and bright and brought so much JOY to the space and this was 100 percent the vibe I was going for in my new, West Coast life. It took me some time to actually make the purchase because it is kinda pricey and I needed to buy two for my shower (because of the way it’s shaped). I went back and forth and finally caved and it was definitely one of my favorite purchases of the year. I eventually went all in on the *vibe* with this bath mat, too.”

Or Kaitlin Garske, our Senior Social Media Manager:

“When I saw the curtain on the UO site, I loved it so much that I was inspired to redecorate my bathroom just to make it worthy of it! I repainted my cabinets and walls, and even replaced some of the hardware to mellow out the builder-basic look I was so tired of. It was just the kick I needed to make our windowless bathroom a little brighter and sunnier.”

If you’re reading this and feeling a similar love-at-first-sight feeling, we’ll happily welcome you into the sisterhood of the fruit-patterned shower curtain. The admission fee is $39 (but you can snag it for 25% off during Urban Outfitters’ Home Sale).