Get Your Pals Together And Play Card Against Humanity—Virtually

published Apr 1, 2020
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Credit: BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy

Now that we’ve settled into the quarantine and social-distancing lifestyle, dialing into FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Hangouts has become second nature. Dinner dates have been shifted to the virtual sphere. Wine nights are done in front of the computer. And now game nights can even be enjoyed through a camera. There’s a website that’s offering a virtual version of Cards Against Humanity and five of your best friends can join in on the fun at once.

A website called currently offers their version of the hilarious card game, which they’re calling “Remote Insensitivity.” It’s played exactly the same as Cards Against Humanity—a “Card Czar” picks their favorite response to a prompt revealed on a random “question” card. Whoever wins that round becomes the next Card Czar, or you can take turns being the Card Czar equally.

Remote Insensitivity is completely manual, meaning it’s exactly like playing cards in real life except over the computer. You’ll have to manually deal each player their 10 “answer” cards as well as manually choose which answer card you’d like to put down/which card wins. 

You can see your friends’ cursors move, and therefore you can see if they’re trying to take a peek at your answer cards. So, just like in real life, call them out if they’re trying to cheat.

Although there isn’t a video conferencing option available through the game, feel free to pull up FaceTime or your other favorite conferencing app while you play. This way you can see each others’ reactions to the hilarious (and oftentimes naughty) cards that make appearances during each round.

There are several different ways you can play Cards Against Humanity/Remote Insensitivity. For example, the “God is Dead” version is played without a Card Czar and players vote on which answer card is best. Or, a Card Czar can rank their favorite answer cards and assign points to each.

As long as you’re laughing, you’re playing the game correctly. Log onto and share the game link with your friends. Pour the wine and get ready to giggle.