Finland Wants to Teach You How to Be Happier, and Give You a Free Summer Vacation

updated Jul 30, 2020
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They say misery loves company, but it looks like joy does, too. And since the US is apparently the unhappiest it’s ever been, Americans could certainly make some pretty good use out of Finland’s “happiness guides,” and get a free summer vacation in the process.

Presumably filled with a certain joie de vivre (or maybe it’s just kalsarikänni) in the face of the constant stress life doles out, the wonderful people in Finland are encouraging tourism through the “Rent a Finn” program, which, as its tagline states, allows you to “Rent your very own Finn,” in order to “find your calm.”

After earning the title of the world’s happiest country, Finland thinks its high time that others capitalized on their knowledge. “Now it’s time everyone had a chance to learn from the best,” the Rent a Finn site reads. “Eight ordinary Finns have signed up as happiness guides and want to share their connection to nature with you. Find your happiness. Book your very own Finn.”

There’s also an accompanying video to explain how this process works, and it’s basically all about connecting with nature to de-stress and unwind.

“When Finns feel stressed they head to the woods,” the video’s narrator explains. “When they come back, the stress is relieved.”

So, how do you go about landing a happy-go-lucky tour guide? The “Rent a Finn” program involves a three-step process. First you film a video that shows a little bit about yourself, your connection to nature and explains your interest in visiting Finland. Then you fill out a form and wait to see if you’re among the chosen visitors Visit Finland representatives assign to each of the hosts.

If you’re interested in taking part in a real-life application of the happiness class curriculum, you have until April 14 to sign up for the chance at finding your bliss in Finland.