This Walking Desk Is Here To Raise Your WFH Game

published May 19, 2021
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Standing desk/treadmill hybrid
Credit: Walkolution

Now that many people are working at home for the time being (and possibly well into the future), the standing desk has become a much-loved alternative to sitting for hours on end. But one company is doing raising the bar. Walkolution has designed an award-winning treadmill workstation that aims to keep you focused and in motion.

The Walkolution treadmill desk is one of the winners of the 2021 iF Design Awards, loved for its quiet, non-motorized treadmill and ergonomic design.

The actual treadmill is powered by the user’s own weight and muscle, making the Walkolution treadmill desks eco-friendly, quiet to use, and incredibly easy for users to set their own pace. Plus, most of the models come with an integrated backrest so you can take a break without having to put your work on hold.

Walkolutions makes several different models, including the award-winning “Wanderlust” that has a built-in desk (with adjustable heights and widths available), and the “ÄRA,” which includes a free-standing, height-adjustable desk that can be used with or without the treadmill.

In each version, the treadmill is made with “stable birchwood slats, which provide a natural and elastic walking feeling,” the Walkolution site reads. “A scratch-resistant, pleasantly soft coating is applied to the walking surface, which also provides a calming acoustically absorbing effect.” Plus, the slats glide easily on high-quality ball bearings within an inner steel frame that can reportedly withstand “any load.”

The manually-powered treadmill can also be purchased on its own, free from any desk or standing aid. A basic treadmill workstation starts at $5,699, and if you’re interested in giving the Walkolution station a try, you can fill out the contact form over on the website, or call the United States info and order hotline listed at the bottom of the homepage.