The $15 Storage Solution I Use Everywhere to Keep My Entire Home Clutter Free

updated May 6, 2021
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Credit: Walmart

When it comes to household chores, everyone has their Achilles heel. For me, it’s organizing. I’m not good at it, and, if I’m being honest, I just don’t enjoy it. Those miscellaneous items, like my workout gloves or that heating pad I got as a gift last year, trip me up because it’s tough to figure out exactly where they belong. This random “stuff” either gets tossed into a junk drawer or somehow winds up underneath my bed. It creates a confusing mess and makes it impossible to find things when I really need them. And I know I’m not alone. There are a sea of people out there who are organizing-avoidant. Why else would the Marie Kondos of the world be in such high demand?

Feeling frustrated by the mess I’d accumulated during quarantine, I called my sister (our family’s resident organizing genius) over for help. Her winning hack changed my messy situation around for good: When in doubt, store it in a basket. She taught me that baskets not only keep messes out of sight, they’re also the perfect vessel for the small stuff. My sister and I grazed the aisles at our local Walmart looking for basket-like storage solutions. I wanted something with plenty of depth but that wouldn’t be a total eyesore. The Mainstays collapsible fabric cube storage bins exceeded my expectations! Even better? Priced at less than $15 for a pack of four, each one costs less than $4!

Since then, these inexpensive collapsible storage baskets have become this disorganized gal’s saving grace. I use them everywhere around the house — but especially in my closet, which needed the biggest intervention. I now use two baskets on my closet shelves: one for socks and the other for belts and hats. I used the next two baskets for other clutter creators, like beauty and skincare products, chargers for all of my gadgets, and important paperwork that I need to keep handy. Though I opted for the gold and white floral pattern (which is absolutely stunning in person), they come in a slew of other colors and patterns.

A four-pack of these storage bins costs less than $15, so I initially suspected that they’d get worn down rather quickly. Not so! Eight months in, and the fabric covering hasn’t torn or come unstitched. When I went to order more bins online for pretty much every room in my home, I noticed that the secret is out about this nifty organizing find. The reviews show that folks are loving these cubes just as much as I am for keeping everything from kids’ toys to DIY supplies contained. “I love the look of these storage bins,” one customer wrote. “They have a higher quality and look than the ones I purchased in the past. These [offer] a more sophisticated way to store items in a cube organizer and I love the look in my bedroom.”

With one $15 purchase, you get four storage bins, which means each one costs roughly what I pay when I treat myself to a cup of joe from my local coffee shop. Because, as much as I might hate to admit it, staying organized is an important form of self-care, too.