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This Quick Trick Makes Your Home Feel New — Without Spending a Dime or Changing a Thing

published Jan 29, 2021
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No doubt this year has made each of us resourceful in so many ways. I’ve found new ways to connect with loved ones, educate our children, work from home, and entertain myself while my usual options aren’t available. Along the way, I’ve uncovered hidden talents (I found out I can do surprisingly decent pen and ink drawing and I had no idea) and tried my hand at the things I’d always wanted to do if only I’d “had time” (hello, sourdough everything).

Together we’ve made it through almost a whole year’s worth of pandemic-adjusted holidays. And we’ve done it all from home. A home that might be more decluttered and organized than it’s ever been, showing the effects of having everyone home, around the clock. A home that’s become not only home, but office, schoolroom, coffee house, and barber shop.

Whether you love it more than ever or are incredibly sick of it, home, as both a place and as a concept, is something you’ve probably grappled with over the last months, consciously or not. This weekend, let’s do something to make it feel fresh and new — without having to change a thing.

This Weekend: Do something routine in a different part of the house.

Routines can become, well, routine. Sometimes all you need to do to channel a refresh spirit is take something old — like drinking your morning coffee — and do it in a new place. That’s it.

Doing something you always do in a different part of the house will punctuate your day with a little something that prevents the day from feeling like it’s slipping away. And the timing is perfect. After a holiday that was more in-place than others, your home might be starting to feel ho-hum.

Doing routine things in other parts of the house allows you to notice things you might not have appreciated in a long time. Maybe you forgot about how the front porch chairs are the perfect perch for gazing at the roses or how the sunrise can be experienced from that one chair in the bedroom. Now’s your chance to rediscover these simple daily pleasures that your home has to offer.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Drink your morning coffee in a different spot.
  • Hang out after the kids go to bed on the back porch under a pile of blankets.
  • Move your laptop to the kitchen table from your regular office space and enjoy the sun streaming in.
  • Eat dinner around a backyard bonfire.
  • Read your book in a camping chair set on the balcony.

What will you do?

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