I Always Avoided White Bath Mats Until I Found This One That Doesn’t Get Grimy — And It’s On Rare Sale

published Oct 26, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Call it strange, but one of the first things I think about before buying new home goods is what the difficulty level will be in keeping them clean. I’m generally into products that are easy to care for (with few exceptions in between), and one fact that’s remained constant is my avoidance of white furniture, carpet, walls, and more whenever possible. Surprising no one, taking proper care of white linens has made me anxious for most of my life. I know it’s just a matter of following cleaning instructions, but the entire process has seemed more high maintenance than I was willing to endure. I don’t buy a lot of white clothes, and when it comes to white towels? Forget about it. All of mine are hand-me-downs. I faced my fear head-on when I was given the chance to try a Piped Edge Bath Mat from Weezie — and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

The Piped Edge Bath Mat takes what we love about Weezie Towels and incorporates it for another use. After mopping the floor and putting the bath mat down, I stood on it for a moment just to take it all in. My first impression was that the bath mat felt nice and plush under my feet. I loved that it had grips covering the bottom to keep it in place and a discreet loop to hang it up to dry when it’s not in use. But it wasn’t until I stepped out of the shower that I really got a feel for how brightly the Weezie bath mat shines. The bath mat is super absorbent and somehow feels even softer after a bath. It even dries quickly! I thought after a few uses, it would start to show signs of a week’s worth of hard work, but it didn’t get gross and grimy like most other bath mats.

Eventually, the bath mat does get dirty enough to need a wash, but that’s as easy as tossing it into the washing machine along with the towels. So far, its bright white color has held up nicely and it looks just as new as it did when it arrived. The French Blue piped edge gives it a touch of luxury that my bathroom certainly needed, and there are 10 colors to choose from to fit any color palette. Along with the bath mat, Weezie also has a bath rug to complete the look.

I’m no longer worried about ruining my white Weezie bath mat now that I’ve seen how well it holds up. In fact, I wish I had other bathrooms just to buy a couple more! Bonus: It couldn’t be a better time to pick up this bath mat (or other Weezie goodies) because the brand’s huge two-day Birthday Sale is going on now through October 5! You can get 25 percent off sitewide, which includes the editor-loved bath mat, bath towels, and makeup towels as well as Weezie’s new scalloped bath towels, kitchen towels, and shower curtain. They’ve also expanded their cozy wearable goods with an embroidered hair towel that can be monogrammed just like their other products, which could make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the upcoming holidays. Their Lil Weezie collection also includes robes, towels, clothing, and baby accessories — some that even mirror styles for adults so you could craft a head-to-toe matching moment. Knowing first-hand how fabulously Weezie products hold up over time, trust me when I say this is a sale you don’t want to miss!

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