What the Color of Your Bedroom Says About You, According to Real Estate Pros

published Aug 2, 2023
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You may already know what the color of your front door says about you. But what about your bedroom? Conventional wisdom says a bedroom should be a sanctuary; a place of rest and relief. I asked real estate and paint professionals to weigh in on what your bedroom paint color is saying about you. Here’s what they had to say.


“If you’re seeking a sense of serenity and a refuge from the chaos of the world, consider incorporating shades of blue into your bedroom decor.” —Alicia Hattersley, group marketing manager at Avant Homes

“Light blue tones create an airy vibe that says you’re a dreamer at heart and are full of positivity for the future ahead.” —Raquel Kehler, owner of RoomCrush.com

“Someone who chooses to paint their bedroom navy might take on a more serious and sophisticated persona. They are calculated; they are not afraid of bold colors, but use them strategically. Navy walls are not chosen by default — they are chosen with intent. A sky blue bedroom may indicate a person is clean and tidy, although wants to keep more intrigue and creativity in their space than a white or a cream can offer. Sky blue walls may also be chosen by a person who simply appreciates their sleep.” —Ashley Banbury, interior designer and color marketing manager at Dutch Boy Paints

“The color blue is well-regarded for being relaxing and soothing. It’s the color of peace and serenity. I would say people who paint their bedrooms blue are comfortable and secure. Blue is also associated with wisdom, loyalty, and trustworthiness, so blue bedrooms are often found in homes where those values are important.” —Lukas Berezowiec, CEO of No Triangle Studio, a 3D rendering studio that helps real estate developers and architects visualize their projects

Gray and Greige Tones

“Earthy neutrals like greige say that you’re sophisticated yet warm, and like to go outside the mold.” —Kehler

“Cool colors like pale grays or blues usually mean the homeowner appreciates tidiness and minimalism.” Emily Clancy LoPorto, licensed Realtor with SERHANT on Long Island

“Those who choose gray appreciate simplicity and understated beauty. It conveys a sense of balance and neutrality, allowing other elements in the room to shine.” —Hattersley


“In color psychology, individuals drawn to yellow tend to exhibit traits of perfectionism. They have high expectations and ambitious aspirations, spending time envisioning and fantasizing about the possibilities ahead. The stimulating effect of yellow on the left side of the brain also fosters logical thinking, aiding in well-informed decision-making. It serves as a gentle reminder to stay grounded in reality and maintain a practical approach.” —Hattersley

“Yellow is often associated with feelings of happiness, warmth, and optimism. Therefore, a bedroom with yellow accents or painted walls may create a cheerful and uplifting ambiance. However, it’s essential to consider that not everyone may have the same reaction to yellow. Some individuals might find it too stimulating or overwhelming, leading to sleep disturbances or restlessness.” —Samantha Odo, real estate sales representation at Precondo


“A person who chooses a modern red shade, such as a clay or dusty mauve, has refined taste and an attuned eye to contemporary color and design. This person is likely a creative person — one who embraces change and stays on top of trends. This person may have a cool, calm, and collected presence and an attuned style in other aspects of life.” —Banbury

“Red, the color of passion and intensity, is synonymous with strong emotions. It exudes strength, boldness, and vitality.” —Hattersley


“A white bedroom may indicate a person is a practical minimalist. A white bedroom may also be the product of indecisiveness, as white walls can work with a variety of different design aesthetics. A person might choose white for granting flexibility and versatility to change up other elements in the room.” —Banbury

“Contrary to what people might think, white bedroom walls don’t mean you’re boring. Instead, they point to someone who has a love of all things classic and finds comfort in simplicity.” —Kehler


“A forest green bedroom may be the choice of someone with a keen appreciation for nature and who wants to bring outdoor elements into the home. This person is not afraid of color, but uses it thoughtfully and carefully.” —Banbury


“Soft pink is a restful color that might make sense for the bedroom if a person is trying to evoke feelings of femininity. This is a very common color choice for baby nurseries and children’s bedrooms, although it has a place in adult bedrooms, as well for anyone wanting to tap into their childlike wonder and its innocent and whimsical qualities. A soft pink bedroom may also be the choice of someone who desires their space to feel soft, gentle, and nurturing.” —Banbury

“A bright pink bedroom is a statement choice — bold, brazen, and outspoken. This might be the choice of someone who is tapping into the Barbiecore trend, or someone who simply likes the brighter, funkier, and more playful aspects of life and design. Likely a maximalist who appreciates rooms that embody big personalities, a bright pink bedroom indicates someone who sees their bedroom as a canvas for personal expression, rather than simply a place to sleep. This person is fun and exuberant and not afraid of making a statement.” —Banbury


“Orange is the free spirit on the color wheel, spurring creativity and intuition. When people choose to paint their bedroom in orange, it signifies a desire for energy, vivacity, and creativity within their personal sanctuary.” —Hattersley

“Vibrant colors like red and orange are often associated with energy and passion, making them ideal for individuals who enjoy a more stimulating atmosphere. However, they should be used in moderation, as an excessive use of intense colors might lead to restlessness.” —Odo

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“When a person chooses cream as a preferred color, it often suggests an appreciation for simplicity, timelessness, and elegance. Cream is embraced by those who gravitate towards a calm and soothing approach to their living spaces. It values a sense of warmth and comfort. Creams reflect versatility and adaptability, seamlessly complementing various styles and serving as a neutral canvas for other elements in the room. Additionally, cream is associated with sophistication and a refined taste, indicating a preference for a classic and timeless aesthetic. Choosing cream suggests a desire to create a serene and harmonious environment that exudes simplicity and understated elegance.” —Hattersley

“A cream bedroom can indicate someone enjoys coziness and comfort. This is the choice of someone who is approachable and friendly — someone who appreciates minimalism but wants to avoid the starkness and sterility of a bright white. A cream bedroom may signal a person who wants their room to retain character and poise while providing comfort and relaxation.” —Banbury