What the Color of Your Front Door Says About You

published Jun 13, 2023
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Picking a paint color is a deeply personal choice, which is why it makes sense that the color of your front door, for example, might say something about your personality. Real estate broker Jodi Avery with Keller Williams urges homeowners to think beyond a drab shade of brown, instead pointing homeowners to red, blue, black, or brightly colored doors.

A paint color can always change — and usually does — throughout the years. So instead of wondering what’s on trend and trying to match that, why not pick a front door color that means something? Here’s what the different hues of front doors might say about you, according to real estate agents versed in colorful folklore.

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“In the past, red doors symbolized strength, courage, and power,” says Bailey Moran, a real estate agent and the COO of Austin TX Realty. “Red doors served as a symbol of hospitality in ancient Greece. Evil spirits were also repelled by red doors.” Red doors symbolize good fortune and wealth, according to Denis Smykalov, a broker at Wolsen Real Estate.


Historically, a purple door has indicated a witch living on the premises. Rinal Patel, the founder of Webuyphillyhome, says the color also means that the occupant is “bold, opinionated (not necessarily in a bad way), confident, and not ashamed to be and show their true self.”


According to Patel, the person living inside a home with a green door is peaceful and cooperative, and they love nature. But there’s other history there as well. “In the past, front doors painted green were thought to bring fertility, good fortune, and wealth,” Moran says. “Green doors were also seen in some civilizations as a sign of luck, protection from evil spirits, and good fortune.”

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According to Gagan Saini, the director of acquisitions at JiT Home Buyers, a black door means the inhabitants are sophisticated. Patel agrees, noting it also means the people living there are stylish; Smykalov says it also signifies power and prosperity.


What does white say to you? Probably cleanliness or simplicity. And that’s exactly what it meant in history, Patel says. It gives the impression that your home would be spotless.


If you’re an energetic person, paint your door yellow. Saini says this color “exudes energy” — so the person inside must be energetic as well.

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“Blue has traditionally been linked to calmness, relaxation, and peace,” Moran says. “Blue doors have historically represented safety, peace, and faith. It was thought that having blue doors would endow the family that resided in the home with blessings and good luck.”

It’s important to remember, though, that all these colors and their meanings can change based on where you are in the world and the point in time the legend sprung up.

“In a time before paint companies, colors were far from standardized and often colored using local materials,” says Kelsey Mullen from the Providence Preservation Society. “The color of a particular region’s soil very often influenced the common paint colors used on homes and other buildings.”