12 Gold Color Pairings That Will Make Any Room Feel Glamorous

published Nov 26, 2022
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dining room table with chairs in stylish room

Whether you love gold hardware or prefer to use the color all over a space, gold instantly elevates any room, making it feel more luxurious and elegant. The great thing about gold is that it works well in any type of design scheme from traditional to modern to coastal grandmother.

“Gold is an incredibly versatile finish that pairs beautifully with a variety of colors,” says designer Melanie Hay. “There are no hard and fast rules about using gold, it can be paired with virtually any color. However, depending on how it’s used and combined, it will give a different feel to the space.”

Looking to infuse a room with some gold glamour? Get inspired with these 12 designer-approved gold color combinations to create your own luxe living room or ultra-chic cook space.

1. Gold, Black, and Neutrals

This elegantly refined lounge space was designed by Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry of the Dallas- and Seattle-based firm Pulp Design Studios. The pair is a big fan of this color combination to bring a modern, comfortable elegance to a room.

“Rich browns, blacks and creams bounce around with the gold finishings of this nook to create a chic contemporary feel,” say Dotolo and Genry. “The Porter Teleo wallcovering’s geometric pattern consisting of edgy gold and black shapes gives the space an especially noteworthy edge, and ties in an overall playful vibe. Gold should typically be used sparingly, but when paired with more neutral colors, it can effectively draw any eye in.”

2. Gold and Pink

If you prefer a more traditional look, this color pairing may be perfect for you. Richmond, Virginia-based designer Janie Molster pairs these two saturated hues together while bringing in balance with a white sofa, flooring, and a soft gray paint color to let the pairing shine instead of compete.

3. Gold, White, and Blue

If beach house glam is your thing, take a page from Honolulu designer Shaolin Low’s playbook. Though she uses a few bold pops of blue and gold, there are still enough neutral colors in the space to make it feel like a serene oceanside retreat.

“To me, gold is a creamy neutral, it just pairs so well with everything, including other metals,” Low says. “So, really you can pair a range of colors with it, but the main thing is making sure you have the right gold as the variations of yellow can be drastic. For example, a deeper brass gold would pair better with a pink, but a more yellow-gold could handle a blue.”

4. Gold and Black

This daring color pairing isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you do it right, this combo will really pack a dramatic punch in any room. We love how New York-based designer Vanessa Deleon used this pairing to create a jewel box kitchen.

“Incorporating gold finishes and materials is a fantastic way to illuminate any space and bring in that luxurious feel,” says Deleon. “Try combining this bold color with darker shades of black, gray or even navy blue to highlight the gold and allow it to be the center of attention. For example, pairing black countertops with sleek golden cabinetry is the ultimate way to create a truly glamorous kitchen space.”

5. Gold, Brown, and Green

If you’re seeking just a tiny punch of glamour but have a more laid-back style, try combining gold with earthy neutrals. Toronto designer Melanie Hay created this organically elegant dining room with just the right gold touches. A coat of Benjamin Moore’s Salamander on the walls brings a richness to the space.

“I love pairing gold accents with the color green,” she says. “Green is one of my favorite colors, and it really makes gold accents pop. It’s also a very livable color in my opinion and acts almost as a neutral, so I use it a lot in my interiors.”

Credit: Carina Romano

6. Gold and Cream

While gold is often associated with modernity or Gilded Age glamour, it can actually play an important role in creating a retro-inspired feel, depending on how you use it. This kitchen in a South Philly home fully embraced the 1970s kitchen, employing vintage-inspired gold wallpaper and linoleum tiles to create a sunny and inviting cook space.

7. Gold, Gray, and Magenta

Sometimes a pop of hot pink is just what a room needs! New York-based designer Abby Gruman brought a bit of fun to this Fifth Avenue apartment while still preserving its laid-back elegance.

“Gold can be one of the strongest accent colors in a space and is a great option for hardware, accent furnishings and lighting,” Gruman says. “The shade pairs especially well with layers of neutrals, but it can also mesh well with bright pinks, ivory shagreen textures, and ivory clam stone as seen in this space. We also used grey on the sofa and side tables which offsets the gold.”

8. Gold and Navy

Another daring color combo, the richness of these two colors should keep them as the only strong hues in a room, as shown here. Glasgow-based @blairatfinglen found a saturated blue hue that stands up well to the metallic for a conversation-starting dining room that’s sure to be a perfect backdrop for dinner parties and Sunday brunches.

9. Gold, Black, and Gray

Even though Carmel, Indiana-based designer Amanda Lantz chose a restrained color palette for this living room, the space still shines. She loves to infuse gold into a room to elevate it and make it feel more luxurious.

“I love the mix of a cool, silvery gray tone with a gold punch,” says Lantz. “It’s warm and rich, and for people that really went ‘all in’ on the gray trend, it’s a way to update a room without needing complete redecoration. The pairing of the gold and gray is a wonderful coloring that speaks to both contemporary and traditional design.”

10. Gold and Sea Blue

Another nod to beach house glam, this cozy bedroom designed by Oxfordshire, U.K.-based designer Miranda Loveluck-Taplin offers the perfect balance of glamour and serenity. Plus, the cloud-inspired wall covering creates the ultimate retreat for catching up on a good book or some much needed zzzz’s.

11. Gold, Black, and White

This classic color pairing lays an excellent foundation for a room so as you collect things and your style evolves, adding new colors and textures will still look beautiful. Here, L.A.-based designer Breegan Jane brings a glamorous touch to an otherwise neutral bedroom with this acrylic and gold four-poster bed.

“I think any design, no matter how casual, can be elevated with a bit of sparkle,” she says. “Adding in golden-hued metallics is a perfect way to do exactly that. Deep blacks are especially beautiful to pair with gold because they have a way of making shiny objects appear to shine even brighter. The contrast between the two colors makes for a striking design.”

12. Gold and Teal

Another sumptuous living space by Janie Molster, we love how she is unafraid to pair gold with just about any other color, from fuchsia to lavender and everything in between. A fun complement to gold in this space is teal, as it gives this living area a jolt of personality without feeling obnoxious in the slightest. A blend of textures and pattern create the ultimate space to catch up with loved ones.