Colors That Go With Gray: 14 Beautiful Pairings

updated Oct 2, 2023
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As versatile as it is timeless, the color gray is a rarity on the spectrum. Its ability to double as a neutral color and work as a natural complementary color to a variety of hues makes it a decorative staple that can withstand a revolving door of trends. If you’re wondering what colors go with gray, we’ve got you covered: Pair it with white, pink, or soft blue, and it inspires a calming essence. Team it up with vibrant reds and yellows, and you’ll instantly feel its energizing effects. 

Regardless of what color pairing you choose, you can count on the fact that it will fit in with just about any decorative style or space. To get you started, we compiled a shortlist of the colors that can take this dynamic shade to new heights.

Credit: Jessica Rapp

1. Gray and Copper

Bold copper hardware can give plain pale gray cabinetry a majorly glam upgrade — just take a look at this Art Deco-style St. Louis kitchen.

2. Light Gray and Charcoal Gray

You don’t need a ton of color to make a splash. Contrasting a light shade of gray with a darker one can make a bold statement, as evidenced by this Brooklyn bathroom.

3. Gray and Mint

Gray and mint green might be an unexpected pair, but the opposite colors are actually quite complementary. In this Houston apartment kitchen, bright mint stools contrast beautifully with pale gray walls.

4. Gray and Brown

Not only does this Australian bedroom give total beach vibes, but it proves that gray and brown are, in fact, a perfectly acceptable color combination. We love the way the homeowner coordinated the curtains and the light fixtures to pick up the brown in the bedspread. 

Credit: Limor Edrey

5. Gray and Pink

This expansive California living room is anything but childish, despite its pink accents. The combination looks upscale and elegant, proving that pink is definitely one of the colors that go with gray. 

6. Gray and Black

Gray and black is one of those color combinations that makes you say, Oooh la la! And this beautiful living room by @homedecorgasm is no exception. We love the pops of orange that fit perfectly into this color pairing. 

Credit: Emilia Jane

7. Gray and Dark Green

Ready to graduate from white? Sub in a soft gray for stark white for a refreshing take on a neutral color palette, like in this Chicago home. A whisper-light gray on the fireplace and mantel offers a grounding detail to forest green walls.

8. Gray and Orange

It’s rare that we have the opportunity to bring in a piece as vibrant as this orange lounge chair and actually make it work. But gray walls change all of that. Take notes from this eclectic home in Madrid, where the gray backdrop anchors the brighter elements of the room — from the seat to the green-toned table, bust, and artwork.

9. Monochrome Gray

A monochromatic color scheme may be one of the easiest palettes to decorate with, but to execute it properly, you need to mix different shades and textures to create balance. Varying touches of gray, plus a slight hint of lilac, give this serene bedroom a cool and clean finish.

10. Gray and Royal Blue

In this luxe-meets-modern Texas living room, soft, neutral walls complement the bold, electric royal blue armchairs, allowing the pieces to take center stage. Bamboo window treatments and a jute rug, layered with a textured Moroccan one, complement the scene without overpowering it.  

11. Gray and Yellow

The cheerful combo of gray and yellow is sophisticated while still feeling playful. In this Spanish apartment, a handful of splashes of zingy canary yellow prevent the otherwise neutral sofa, rug, and table from looking too quiet.

Credit: Lana Kenney

12. Gray and Red 

Incorporating red in a room inspires a bit of passion and energy. Pair this hue with shades of gray, and it results in a high-contrast look that exudes a sense of timeless elegance. Take a cue from this farmhouse-chic living room and fill your space with a combo of crimson, ruby, and oxblood reds. Gray will certainly help cool off all of those warm tones, which creates a nice balance.

13. Gray and White

If a classic decor scheme is what you’re going for, consider this duo your secret weapon. Against the somewhat stark quality of the white walls in this Australian home, a soothing shade of gray inspires a clean, airy look. Mix things up by adding in pops of color with art and potted plants.

Credit: Kim Lucian

14. Gray, Green, and Lavender

Brighten up dark gray walls by infusing your space with a playful dash of lavender and pink. In this subtly glam San Francisco living room, an abundant bunch of textured throw pillows in light shades — think velvet, faux fur, and linen — create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.