Something Called a Pajama Lounge Is Trending (& You’re Going to Want One)

published Dec 23, 2017
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(Image credit: Young House Love)

There’s a new term roaming the corridors of the internet that made our ears perk up the second we heard it and we think you’re going to like it, too. It’s called a “pajama lounge”, and we want one. The idea is nothing new, though: growing up in suburbia, you may have had an upstairs loft or living room where the kids studied, watched TV maybe before heading down to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal if your home was spacious enough. But the space has gotten a bit of a marketing makeover, because “pajama lounge” is far more enticing of a phrase than “open space at the top of the stairs.”

Also referred to as a “feasting room” (for which we have no explanation) or “healing chambers” (this we can imagine refers to where someone who might be sick rests outside of their bedroom while they are on the mend), these super casual gathering spaces, usually located on the second-floor near the bedrooms, is where families can gather in a cozier and more private setting at home…in their pajamas. The appeal being that you get another living room far away from busier areas of the home where you can hang out without being “presentable” if guests are over. Imagine the freedom of walking around with a sheet mask on and your tattered old Juicy sweatsuit, not fearing your significant other/mom/roommate opening the door to accept a package from UPS…only to be mortified by the confused/frightened face of the delivery man!

Now we’re talking…

Unsurprisingly, pajama lounges have been popping up all over the web in the homes of some of our favorite bloggers and designers lately.

For instance, Young House Love recently posted a pic of their home’s holiday-ready pajama lounge (nicknamed “the lazy room”) on Instagram, complete with overstuffed seating, pillows, books, and a mini-Christmas tree. This isn’t the first time they’ve showcased the space though, as they chronicled the renovation of their bonus room last year.

(Image credit: La Dolce Vita)

Created for the Southern Living 2016 Idea House, Dallas-based designer Amy Berry’s decked-out pajama lounge was one of the most blogged about rooms of the year. “I wanted this room to be a cozy kind of loungy room which is what a pajama lounge I guess should be,” she was quoted saying about the space in the magazine. This is perhaps the first time we heard the term, and it’s not surprising to see why the concept might have taken off from there.

It’s not just bloggers and designers using the term either. Prominent architect Ralph Choeff—founding principal of Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture and Design—more and more has been incorporating these cozy, comfy pajama lounges into his designs at the request of homeowners.

“In most of the homes we design, the ‘pajama lounge’ is found upstairs near the bedroom suites, away from high traffic areas of the home like the kitchen or main living room,” notes Ralph. “We’ve been incorporating some special features like built-in shelving to hide electrical cords and clutter, along with mini-kitchens and lounge-style seating. We’ve also included custom areas for kids to do homework and other activities, as well.” As for why he thinks his clients have wanted these so called pajama lounges more and more? “It is an intimate space where everyone can gather and talk, watch TV, have a snack or a drink, or just read a book with the entire ensemble being together.”

While custom-built lounges are a far-away dream for many of us (especially us small space dwellers), the idea of a special room for self care and casual gathering is one we can absolutely get behind. ::adds pajama lounge inspo board to Pinterest account:: We can dream, right?