This Is What a “Soul Home” Is, and How I Found Mine

published Oct 15, 2022
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I’ve lived in about a dozen places and been to more than 50 countries — but I’ve never been as happy to be somewhere as I am now, in Chicago. Even on the worst days, I can look out across my alley, through the jumble of power lines and garbage cans, and feel at peace. It’s because I’ve found my soul home, the place where I know I’m meant to be.

What Is a Soul Home?

A “soul home” is just what it sounds like — a place where you feel at peace. It could be an apartment, a house, or a certain neighborhood, but it’s where you’re supposed to be. You feel comfortable and relaxed, satisfied and settled. It’s grounding, making you feel more connected to the person you are. 

How I Found My Soul Home

Some people are lucky — they move to a place, or grow up in a place, and automatically know they’re exactly where they should be. But for others (like me), it can be a bit more complicated. 

I found my soul home twice. But the first time, I was young and not entirely sure it’s what I wanted. I also had big dreams after college, so even though I felt fulfilled where I was, I yearned to live in other states and countries. 

I never did move to another country (I just traveled to them), but I did move to another state — and I was miserable. My house was cute, the neighborhood was charming, and best of all, there was virtually no traffic, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be there.

I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I wore clothes I didn’t like much, got moodier, and flitted around from social group to social group trying to find a community. Nothing felt right. I couldn’t still my mind. It was only when I moved back to Chicago that I breathed an audible sigh of relief and relaxed. My soul had come home.

How to Find Your Soul Home

The first step to finding your soul home is to get more in touch with yourself. Spend some time meditating and really thinking about the things that make you who you are. 

Then, set out to find your place. I was lucky that I was able to travel around and try different cities on for a bit. But if you can’t do that, try researching different places online. See how they make you feel. If you’re uninspired by one, scratch it off the list. If you’re drawn to one of them, start saving money and take a vacation there. 

Everywhere you go, do the same ritual: Look inward to explore how you feel. In your soul home, you’ll notice a stillness. You’ll feel a connection between your body and the place you’re standing. You’ll be content.

Keep in mind your soul home can change. It depends fully on the stage of life you’re in and what you want out of it at that moment. It all depends on the feeling you get, deep in your heart, that says you’re in the right place.