The Best Places to Buy Pillows Online for Your Coziest Slumber Yet (Including Editor-Favorite Picks!)

published Oct 30, 2023
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Waking up refreshed each morning begins with a solid night’s sleep, and one often underestimated sleep-time companion is our trusty bed pillow. Whether you’re all in for the cloud-like comfort of down, lean towards eco-conscious alternatives, or can’t resist the classic allure of feather pillows, your choice can be pivitol in the quest for good rest. But let’s face it, pillows are far from one-size-fits-all, as much as we wish they were. The options out there range from firm to soft and everything in between. The “perfect pillow” might be a matter of personal preference, but there’s something special about a plush headrest that cradles your noggin and neck just right.

To make your pillow hunt much more manageable, we’ve handpicked 10 places we stand by for quality and as personal editor favorites. Whether you’re a sleep connoisseur or simply looking for some comfy slumber, we’ve got your back (and your head). Discover the top destinations for pillow shopping ahead, and prepare for a more rejuvenating night’s rest!

1. Serta

Surprisingly enough, Serta isn’t limited to only mattresses; it’s also ventured into the world of pillows. The sleep brand offers a cooling memory foam pillow that’s innovative and comfortable. The smart cushion features pressure-activated cooling that whisks heat away from the surface. Now, isn’t that pretty cool? (Pun definitely intended).

2. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is the pillow haven you’ve been searching for. It has a little something for everyone, from foam to down, as well as down alternative pillows. And if you need something special like a body pillow, euro pillow, or even a travel buddy, the brand has that, too. Don’t miss its star player, the original foam pillow, designed for unparalleled support and cozy comfort.

3. Parachute

When it comes to sleep, Parachute has it all, including fancy pillows. The brand offers feathered pillows, down pillows, and alternative down pillows, and they even include cool inserts like bolsters and round shapes. Available in standard and king sizes, their pillows suit everyone. Don’t miss their recycled down pillow; it’s comfy and eco-friendly, ticking all the boxes for a great night’s sleep!

4. Beautyrest

Looking for a fantastic sleep? Beautyrest has you covered. The brand offers two great choices — a cozy featherdown pillow for classic comfort and a ventilated memory foam pillow for ultimate support and relaxation. It’s like having the best of both pillow worlds!

5. Brooklinen

With three main pillow options — memory foam, down, and down alternative — Brooklinen has a preference for every sleeper. Its pillows are available in three sizes, catering to everyone from standard to king-sized beds. What’s even better? You can grab them in convenient bundles, ensuring you’ll have a consistent and deep night’s sleep no matter what pillow you choose. Its best-selling down pillow is the softest and comes in plush, mid-plush, and firm styles.

6. Amazon Basics

For budget-friendly bedroom pillows, Amazon Basics is your best bet. The brand offers a range of down-alternative options at different comfort levels — soft and firm — so you can pick what suits you best. Its soft-down alternative pillow is available in a handy pack of two, giving you value and comfort in one go.

7. Casper

Casper‘s the place for dreamy pillows that suit your style. The brand has it all, from snuggly down to supportive foam and even cooling options. But check out its original pillow — it’s machine-washable, stays fluffy, and keeps you cool all night.

8. West Elm

If you’re looking for an excellent selection of cooling pillows, look to West Elm. The brand offers several of them to support a non-sweaty night’s sleep. Notably, its microgel-down alternative pillow is a game-changer and comes in various firmness options, guaranteeing a personalized and allergy-friendly sleep experience.

9. Purple

Sure, Purple has awesome mattresses, but did you know it has equally awesome bed pillows? The brand offers gel flex pillows for staying cool as well as down alternative pillows for that soft and feathery feel. What really shines is its Harmony pillow, a favorite among editors. It’s just the right mix of firm and cool for a great night’s sleep!

10. Happsy

Happsy’s organic pillow is a gem for eco-minded snoozers. Wrapped in organic cotton, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Plus, you’re resting your head on an all-natural, chemical-free surface. I own one myself, and let me tell you, it’s so soft and bouncy.