Where to Stack Coats and Bags When You’re Having a Big Party in a Small Space

published Nov 22, 2017
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Nothing is more fun during the holiday season than hosting friends and family for a gathering. But what happens when you love to entertain but don’t actually have a ton of room or even a proper coat closet to store everyone’s stuff?

Fret not, friends—a cramped living space doesn’t have to be a problem. Here are five options to consider when deciding where to stow your guests’ things during your holiday festivities this season.

On Your Bed

Stacking them on the bed is a good idea, but not if you want to keep your bedroom off-limits.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a proper coat closet, your bedroom, and more specifically your bed, might be the next best thing for storage. Not only does stacking coats and personal items on your bed help keep your guests stuff in one designated area, it won’t take up any of your much-needed party space. However, if you aren’t comfortable with guests going in and out of your bedroom, you can consider asking a trusted friend or family member to run your bedroom-turned-coatroom at the beginning and end of your fete.

On a Garment Rack

You can use a garment rack, but you’ll crowd up your entryway.

If you prefer to keep your bedroom off-limits but want a place where your guests can easily access their stuff, consider placing a garment rack near your entryway for hanging coats and bags up. Portable models are easy to find and super affordable, and a great way for guests to tend to their own belongings. However if you aren’t working with much space, the last thing you’ll want to do is crowd up your entryway. If possible, move the rack to an awkward corner or hallway and forge your very own mini-foyer.

In Your Coat Closet

You can take advantage of your coat closet, if you have one, as long as you want to clean it first.

If you are fortunate enough to have an actual coat closet, now is a great time to take advantage. Assuming it isn’t packed to the brim or messy, even the most cramped hallway closet can still offer some storage opportunity for your guests belongings. However, if your closet currently looks like a real-life Tetris game, it may not be worth reorganizing for just one night—so you may want to consider putting up some adhesive hooks in your hall or entryway instead.

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In Your Normal Closet

You can hang them in your closet, if you want everyone going through your stuff.

Of course, your bedroom closet is also another logical option for storing guest’s stuff, especially if you don’t have a coat closet or room for a garment rack. Much like stashing your friends’ coats and bags on your bed, using your bedroom closet keeps the party room less cluttered, but also means people will have access to your personal belongings. Consider designating a certain rack of you wardrobe just for guests that night, and covering the rest of your closet with a sheet to let everyone know it’s off limits.

In the Shower

You can hang them in your shower, if you want to deal with a lot of bathroom traffic.

While it’s not ideal, if all else fails, you can always use your shower, and more specifically, the shower rod to hang everyone’s coats up. It’s a communal party space (albeit a congested one) that all partygoers will have easy access to. Even better: everyone will have to honor the golden rule and be respectful of each other’s things (and they’ll stay clear of your bedroom, too).