These Transformed Cabinets Are Maybe the Most Whimsical Kitchen Feature We’ve Ever Seen

published Dec 19, 2022
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Tay's original cabinets before she painted them.

Somehow, even though there’s so much to behold in Tay BeepBoop‘s Victorian home, it feels balanced and easy on the eyes — a vibrant adult playground right in the heart of San Francisco, California. I could go on for days about all of my favorite elements of the home, from the monster busts along the staircase and the faux greenery wall installation to the jewel-toned ceilings, but something that might be easier copied in your own home, in my opinion? A squiggly, very whimsical set of painted kitchen cabinets, that is, if you’re brave enough to add pattern to this highly visible cook space spot.

The joyful cabinets you see below didn’t actually come with the home (shocker, I know!), and the last time we toured Tay’s apartment, her kitchen was still fairly minimal, as you can see above. On our return a year later, though, she had added even more color and personality — kitchen included.

Credit: Emilio Diaz
Ta-da! A bright, energetic space.

Compared to the rest of her kitchen, which is fairly simple and white, the pink and yellow cabinets make quite a splashy statement. While this could be achieved in a renter-friendly way with contact paper or peel-and-stick wallpaper, Tay went a more permanent route (since she owns the home) with paint.

Thankfully, she documented the process on Instagram for anyone looking to recreate this look in their own space. First, she had a friend mock up a digital rendering to hone in on the exact shape and curvature of the squiggles she wanted, then she stuck up some paint samples to decide which colors she was going to go with for the final version.

Finally, she brought her vision to life with bright pink and yellow paint, which definitely fit the vibe of her home better than plain white cabinetry. I’d also like to add that a light sanding before painting (ideally with a sandpaper grit around 200) would help the paint to adhere even better, ensuring whatever color or pattern you decide to paint your cabinets is there to stay for some time.

So that leaves just one question: Are you bold enough to add whimsy to your kitchen cabinets, and if you are, what colors and shapes would you choose?