Here’s Why I Always Go Back to the Same 2 Cleaning Products — No Matter What I’ve Tried

published Feb 18, 2023
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Aside from my cherished relationships, I have two other great loves in my life. They’re always there for me no matter what, helping me lead a more balanced and simple life. No, they aren’t people. They’re cleaning products — specifically, Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Clorox wipes. Please, let me extoll their virtues to you.

Lysol: the Wonder Spray

Have you ever had to use pee pads for your pets? I passionately hate them. They smell bad, take up space, and generally gross me out because now there’s an absorbed puddle of pee lounging in the room. That being said, my family has an older dog that needs to use them. For a long time, I was on a never-ending quest to find a product that can shut that smell down the second it crops up — until I landed on Lysol Disinfectant Spray

I have tried so many other sprays, but they would just mask the odor by adding their own scents instead of getting rid of it. I also tried those plug-in spritzer contraptions that release a spray of air freshener every once in a while. But then it met my cat — my little huntress who loves sticking her head into streams of water and attacking literally anything. The spritzer didn’t last long, especially when all the plugs in our more than 100-year-old apartment are right at her level.

In the end, Lysol turned out to be the best, and only, solution for me. It smells decent — and the cat hates the smell so I can use it without her bugging me — and while other products claim to be disinfectant, this is the only one that I’ve used that truly seems that way. I can actually breathe in a Lysol-treated room, and it doesn’t leave any lingering effects on my allergies.

Right now I have two big cans of it stored under the sink, and I use it everywhere in my apartment, not just by the pee pad. Living room air seem stale? Lysol and an open window. Stinky garbage cans? Spritz of Lysol. Sometimes I even spray it just for fun. (I’m not kidding.)

Clorox Wipes: the All-in-One Solution

Sometimes I wonder if I never learned to clean countertops correctly. I feel that way especially when I’m spraying on some multipurpose cleaner and trying to wipe it up with a paper towel. The paper towel always rips. Do I scrub too hard? Am I using too much cleaner? I’m not quite sure. I just know that my attempts at cleaning always end up with cleaner and a mess all over the palm of my hand.

And then I discovered Clorox wipes. They’re pre-moistened in the container with a cleaning solution and the perfect size for wiping everything from countertops to the inside of the microwave. No more fussing with a paper towel and spray that always causes a mess and pain.

By now, I have the wipes everywhere. I have a pack in my car, two containers under the sink, and one in the bathroom. If I could get a little dispenser to carry around my neck, I would. I love that there are so many options for the wipes, too. You can get compostable ones, paper towel ones, plant-based ones, and as I just discovered looking at the website, clinical-level ones. Don’t mind me, I’ve just got to run to the store and get every single type they sell. I’ll love you forever, Clorox wipes.

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