The 10 Tastiest Advent Calendars from Williams Sonoma

published Sep 9, 2023
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I’m sure we all know this by now: Halloween takes over stores’ shelves weeks, if not months, in advance of the actual the holiday. In fact, just yesterday I decided to check out TJ Maxx, and I’d hardly stepped foot in the door before a wave of pumpkin spice candles and spooky decor hit me — and Halloween is almost two months away! As much as I told myself I didn’t need anything, I have to admit: It was next to impossible to resist the festive mood.

If we’re going to start planning for Halloween so far in advance, who’s to say we shouldn’t start preparing for the winter holidays right now, too? Trust me, once Halloween does come around, Thanksgiving and all of the December holidays will be here before you know it. And, what better way to get your holiday cheer on than by getting a jumpstart on your buying right now with a new advent calendar? Williams Sonoma has a ton of creative options, chocolate and beyond, so we’ve rounded up the 10 that we think you should add to your cart pronto!

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Williams Sonoma

Whether you or someone in your life is an avid home cook, this spice advent calendar is sure to be a hit. ​​A Williams Sonoma exclusive with selections from a Parisian spice specialist, it contains top-notch spices for vegetable, meat, fish, and sweet dishes.

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Williams Sonoma

Yet another perfect calendar for a food lover, this Oliviers & Co option is designed like a cupboard you might find in a store. You’ll be surprised with a range of gourmet condiments, from Cappuccino Truffle to Grapefruit Vinegar.

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Williams Sonoma

Chocolate is an advent calendar classic that’s hard to beat. Confiserie Heilemann’s calendars are a regional tradition near Munich, Germany, and they contain 24 milk chocolate figures shaped like snowmen, teddy bears, and more.

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Williams Sonoma

As a popcorn enthusiast myself, this one has to be my personal favorite. You follow a poem on the back, and each door conceals popcorn and seasonings from Wabash Valley Farms. Mushroom kernels? Baby Back Ribs Seasoning? Yes, please!

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Williams Sonoma

This one’s a bit pricier, but for good reason: It has the ingredients for eight days of cocktails! It includes artisanal mixers and barrel-aged bitters from experts at Kentucky-based distillery Woodford Reserve.

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Williams Sonoma

Another Christmas classic is peppermint bark, and this advent calendar has 24 days worth of semisweet chocolate coated with white chocolate and crushed peppermint candy in the shape of a snowman, toy soldier, Christmas tree, and Santa.

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Williams Sonoma

This Rudolph calendar is super sweet! With imagery from the classic film on the box, you’ll find cherry sour balls, chocolates, gummy bears, and caramels each day.

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Williams Sonoma

This Chuck Williams calendar has a bunch of treats — including some inedible ones! In addition to some of the brand's favorite seasonings, sweets, condiments, it has the unique bonus of cookware-inspired ornaments.

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Williams Sonoma

Anyone who loves baking cookies during the holidays needs this cookie-themed advent calendar. Whether it be cookie cutters, spatulas, or piping bags, its little gifts are sure to inspire you to start whipping up some new creations.

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Williams Sonoma

Though the Grinch is all about ruining Christmas, this Dr. Seuss-themed advent calendar sure won’t. Caramels, fruit gummies, and milk chocolates all hide behind the doors of this colorful calendar.

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