You Can Actually Follow the Yellow Brick Road Inside This ‘Wizard of Oz’-Themed Hotel Room

published Aug 26, 2020
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Credit: The Roxbury Motel

There’s no place like home, and then there’s no place like the “Wizard of Oz”-themed room at The Roxbury Motel. From floor to ceiling, “The Wizard of Emeralds” room (also known as Room 21) is decked out in full Oz fashion, complete with glittering emerald bedding, a real-life yellow brick road, and even poppies in the bathroom.

Located in Roxbury, New York, the hotel specializes in giving guests a one-of-a-kind lodging experience with themed rooms that really nail the details. “The goal is to shy away from the typical modern hotel minimalism into a sort of maximalism,” The Roxbury website reads. “As long as cleanliness and comfort are never neglected and there is always a nod to elegance and quality, we have learned that, like us, most people are hungry for something different. Something unique. Something not taupe.”

Credit: The Roxbury Motel

And “The Wizard of Emeralds” room is certainly not taupe. It’s green, purple, yellow, and almost every color the rainbow has to offer. “It’s not way above the chimney tops, but your troubles will melt like lemon drops in this room!” The Roxbury writes. “Yes, folks, a yellow brick road goes right through the center of the room (next to the king size bed and sofa bed) until it joins into a wall-size painting of our version of the Emerald City.”

Credit: The Roxbury Motel

The murals continue into the bathroom as well. You’ll shower and brush your teeth among oversized poppies, which hopefully won’t make you too sleepy. Although, if they do, you can curl up next to those ruby red slippers perched perfectly on the black pinstripe sheets.

A stay in “The Wizard of Emeralds” room ranges from $182 to $275. But before you book, make sure you check out the plethora of themed rooms The Roxbury has to offer—you may want to bop around from theme to theme, which is more than doable with The Roxbury’s updated COVID-19 Safety Operating Guidelines.

Follow the yellow brick road to The Roxbury and enjoy your stay inside the Emerald City.