The $700(ish) Sofa That’s So Nice I Bought It Twice

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Danielle Blundell)

I love a good bargain. Better yet if it doesn’t look like one. So when I was ready to buy my first real grown up sofa, I had Anthropologie tastes but an IKEA budget. I lived with the Klippan before, which definitely served its purpose and was great for the cost (about $250). But this time around, I wanted something with more tufting, texture and a little bit of a fancier silhouette. Mind you, I still live in a NYC apartment, so the proportions couldn’t be too big. And naturally, I didn’t want to spend four figures on a couch…but I was totally okay with someone thinking I did.

Well, I found something that checked all of my boxes at Cost Plus World Marketthe Kendall Sofa. I actually bought the now-discontinued ivory colorway sight unseen and un-sat (if that’s even a word). And let me tell you, it was the best little sofa I could have asked for. It arrived fully assembled, save the screw-on wood legs, and I noticed a little bit of a dirt stain on one of the cushions. No biggie. I emailed customer service, and they were super nice, offering me a replacement cushion or an extra percentage off. I chose the latter.

But that small smudge probably should have been an indicator that a white sofa wasn’t for me. I can be a little, well, particular about my things. So for about a year, I worried whenever anyone sat on it (especially if they were wearing dark jeans), and my boyfriend was pretty much banned from it (though he has his own special arm chair, so don’t feel too bad for him). I, myself, would only sit on it on top of a towel, which I realize is BANANAS and no way to live. I was bummed because the sofa really was the perfect size for my space and so comfy. I decided that I had to get rid of it, and I sold it to a nice fashion assistant from GQ via Craigslist. He still has dibs on my vintage bar cart, if I ever want to let it go.

But there’s a happy ending here. I was willing to part with my first Kendall only because I knew she had a new midnight blue twin sister in stock. Again, I ordered the sofa, this time with the “Friends and Family” discount that rolls around a few times a year, and I think it came out to a whopping $525 pre-tax and shipping (which is reasonable). I swear, in this color in particular, it’s a dead-ringer for something you’d find at Anthro or Jayson Home, particularly in photos (and admittedly I don’t get a ton of natural light in my apartment, so sorry for the shadows and my slightly off-kilter gallery wall).

The color is a little bit lighter and less navy in person, but it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted and very low maintenance. I’m not saying the velvet-look fabric has been pre-treated to resist stains, so don’t go throwing red wine on it as an experiment, but I’ve had no problem cleaning up the occasional spot or mark. Kendall (as I call her) is also the perfect size for napping, and I’ve had a friend or two spend the night on her without complaining about back pains, so that’s a win as well.

(Image credit: City Farmhouse)

I’m not the only one in on the Kendall secret either, and I’m okay with that. Maybe that’s because she comes in so many colors and can be used in so many ways. Take City Farmhouse, for example, who can’t possibly live in the city (at least not NYC), because she had enough room to put a gray Kendall at the foot of her bed.

(Image credit: Brooklyn Limestone)

Brooklyn Limestone used a pair in her modern rustic living room makeover. They’re a good size for this kind of arrangement if you have the space for it.

(Image credit: Prepford Wife)

And the Prepford Wife managed to work a millennial pink Kenny (this Kardashian-esque nickname seemed appropriate for the color!) into her living room design scheme. Well done!

Kendall may not be perfect, but she’s pretty darn close. I guess if I had to tweak her a bit, I’d ask for one cushion instead of two, which is better for vacuuming and lounging. But for the price, I challenge you to find something chicer. I don’t know how long my midnight blue Kendall will last, especially if I move into an actual house with the space for something bigger that can accommodate more people. But rest assured, Kendall’s now available as a sectional in certain colors, so I know I’ve already got a contender.

Buy It: Kendall Sofa at World Market, $749