The World’s Smallest Trailer Is Designed to Be Towed Behind a Mobility Scooter

published Nov 5, 2021
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Mini camper

With a name like QTvan, you already know this teeny-tiny trailer — the world’s smallest, actually — is going to be adorable. And it is. In fact, the QTvan, designed by Yannick Read and the U.K.’s Environmental Transport Association (ETA), is so small and lightweight that it can be pulled behind either a  mobility scooter or a bicycle.

The QTvan comes in at just under 8 feet in length and is about 5 feet tall, but it’s small size wasn’t how the name “QT” was coined. According to Read, Q and T stand for two things British people often find themselves doing: queuing and tea drinking — both of which were happening at the 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, where the QTvan made its debut as celebrants gathered the night before to get a good viewing spot of the bride and groom.

The QTvan then made it into the Guinness World Records book in 2015.

For just £5,500 (around $7,500 USD), you can get your very own QTvan, which comes with a 19-inch television, a minibar (kettle included), and a full-size bed that fits one. And for additional charges, owners can opt for solar roof panels, an air horn, a satellite dish, central heating, an external luggage rack, and even a gaming console.

The QTvan only allows riders to go about 5 mph and the electronics will last up to 30 miles on a single charge. But if you’re looking to camp small (very small), then the QTvan may be the ideal home away from home for you. You can DM Yannick on Instagram for QTvan orders.