Impossibly Tough “Would You Rather?” Questions: The Apartment Edition

published Aug 3, 2017
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We all have deal breakers in just about every facet of our lives—from dating to jobs, and of course, to our homes, there are some things we just can’t deal with. And those deal breakers are different for everyone—for one person, a roommate leaving dishes in the sink overnight could feel like the end of the world, while for another person, cleanliness (or lack thereof) is a non-issue compared to whether or not they get along with their roommate on a personal level.

The question then becomes: how far would you go to avoid dealing with your deal breakers in the first place? If you were stuck choosing between one non-ideal situation and another, what would you do? The reality is, sometimes you have to find a compromise, or at least learn to face the deal breakers you work so hard to avoid. Maybe you find an apartment in the perfect location in your price range, but the walls are an obnoxious shade of your least favorite color and the landlord won’t let you paint them, or maybe you finally find an apartment in a building with an elevator, but it’s broken on move-in day.

We rounded up some not-so-perfect hypothetical apartment situations—from the frustrating to the totally outlandish—for you to vote on in the polls below and see how your opinions and deal breakers stack up against other people’s.

What are your apartment deal breakers? After you vote, tell us in the comments!

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