The Brilliant Find That Will Instantly Corral That Pile of Desk Cords (It Takes Up Zero Space!)

published Dec 23, 2022
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If there’s one place in the home that always seems to accumulate clutter faster than anywhere else, it’s the home office or, more specifically, the desk. You’ve got your work essentials on it, like your computer, stationery, a lamp, and perhaps a printer. But over the course of the week, little tchotchkes also make their way onto the scene. Before you know it, you’re swimming in Post-it notes, snack bar wrappers, books, and those sunglasses you thought you’d misplaced. The last thing you need, even after you’ve disposed of all this junk, is a bevy of tangled cords in your way and disrupting your concentration.

This is no easy problem to fix, especially if you don’t have an expansive workspace. But we managed to find a product that’ll help your desk remain orderly in the long run while still keeping your electronic devices plugged in. Get ready to be wowed by the under-desk cable and router storage rack by none other than Yamazaki, the home organization brand we can’t get enough of.

Many of the cord management tools we’ve covered in the past take the form of simple boxes that conceal your power strips. They also usually have holes in the back from where cables can neatly exit. There’s nothing wrong with this design, but this Yamazaki storage rack offers so much more. The only tricky part you might encounter is drilling holes for installation. (Or if you’d prefer, you could place the rack over the door — no power drill needed.) But after your rack is secured to the wall and the bottom of the desktop, you’re ready to add your accessories. Namely, this includes a router or two on the top tier and a power strip on the lower tier. When you plug in your routers, chargers, and other devices, you can pull their cables under and wind them around the six hooks at the very bottom. Just imagine: no more pesky lines and wires running across your table or bumping into your legs!

And because this is a Yamazaki product, it goes without saying that the storage rack looks incredibly sleek and modern. Made of white-painted steel, it’s so easy to clean and not a total eyesore like some other organizers. If we’re being honest, we think anyone who works from home would be smart to invest in their own under-desk cable manager. Its practicality, high quality, and convenience all speak for themselves.